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Android Version

Version 1.2.27 (April 16, 2015)

NOTE: PractiScore runs on Android 2.1 and newer.

Click the logo of your preferred appstore to download onto your device:

Or install on your Android device via side-loading by downloading the installation APK:

(you may need to permit “non market apps”.)

iOS (Apple)

Version 1.661 (May 28, 2015)

Added ICORE scoring type. As this is a new module, please use it, but pretest your setup, and backup often.

Added functionality to backup matches from the main screen. This is to make it easier to remember to backup your match data frequently.

Added Clone function to the main screen. Use this to create a duplicate of any match you have. Match files can be shared and used to create additional matches with the same stages, penalties, and registration.

Added new divisions in IDPA, SCSA, 3GN.

Added new function to sync/import shooters from other matches. This can be used to create match series or to run different types of matches simultaneously with the same registration. Also useful for creating and editing registrations outside of your main match setup before importing. This is found at the bottom of the Shooters/Squads menu.

Match series reports can now use unique IDs to combine scores for multiple matches where the registrations are identical (used in conjunction with the registration import above). This allows for more accurate shooter identities between matches as well as duplicate entries to be differentiated in series matches. The match series report screen is found in the upper right corner of the main screen.

Match series now reports by divisions as well as overall.

NSSF match types are now compatible between platforms.

Added division and category information to the shooters list.

The current match in the “Matches” menu is now highlighted. Tapping the highlighted match enters the edit screen. Tapping any other match changes the current match as before.

PractiScore Exporter

The PractiScore Team has released PractiScore exporter V1.0.1. This windows only software will allow you to export EzWinScore data from the device (iOS and Android) to C:/Practiscore. The methods that are provided are an auto-detect that will detect your device from the same network. The other option is to enter the sync code found on the device.

Practiscore Android (1.2.27)

Practiscore Android (1.2.27) is released and available here. It is also submitted to Google Play and Amazon app stores and will be available there once application review is completed. Reassign to shooter dialog showed deleted shooters Share action on scores review screen for all match types NFC cards support (Nexus, ASUS MeMo Pad 8, etc) […]