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PractiScore combines iOS and Android match scoring apps with optional web services for match registration, match information, online squadding, online payments and results viewing to make a match directors job as easy as possible.

For shooters, PractiScore provides instant results and an online home for their shooting life. Over 700 clubs and a hundred thousand competitive shooters use PractiScore monthly.

Free Scoring Apps for iOS and Android.

No internet required to run any size match. Some features scale up with wifi and internet connected wifi.

For club, or match directors Practiscore provides a free way to create, manage, register, take payments, squad, and score their match using free ios, and Android apps. Over 700 clubs around the world use it today at no cost.

Scoring Apps Website not required for scoring




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Why Do You Need A Practiscore Account?

  • Match Registration

    This helps Match Directors to accurately prepare for upcoming matches.

  • Privacy

    Creating an account lets us know that you are a unique individual. Your identity can be protected with an alias. Some match results can only be viewed by those who participated.

  • User Experience

    We would love to give you a quick and easy online experience. Convenience options such as one-click match registration and a personal dashboard are available. You can create a shooter profile with the ability to share details of your choosing.

  • Future Features

    As we are able to correlate matches and results to unique entities, the possibilities for new content become endless.

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