Frequently Asked Questions
What is Club Membership?
Membership details vary by club. Contact the club manager for specific details. Common membership benefits include:
  • Discounts for matches
  • Email notifications
  • Priority in matches
  • Direct contact with club manager
  • Access to range resources
When will I be approved for a match?

The match director for whichever match you are trying to register does the approval. It is entirely dependent on that person. Feel free to contact your match director if you feel that their process is too slow. You will receive an email upon being approved.

How do I pull my associated matches into my dashboard? will take you back to your initial account setup. By entering all of your Sport IDs and your telephone number, you should see any matches that you participated in.

I can't log in, it says my email has already been used.

Make sure that you are on the Log In page. If you are on the Sign Up page, you are attempting to make a new account.

Can I change my clubs name?

That option is currently unavailable. Deleting the club and making a new one will work, but would only be recommended for a new club.

How do I change the date/time of a match or registration window?
How do I update or add new sport IDs?
How do I copy a match?
What is Club Access?

This option is provided to club creators allowing them to invite additional club managers, remove existing club managers, and to delete an unwanted club.

How do I change my clubs address?
How do I manage a club?
How do I add club administrators?
How do I manage my clubs matches?

Your clubs matches list displays every match created by your club. The following interactions can be made with this list:

  • Edit Registration Form
  • Manage Squadding
  • Edit Schedules/Squads
  • Approve/View Shooters
  • Import Shooters
  • Practiscore Pin #
  • Sell Items/ View Orders
  • Clone Match
  • Manage Pre-Registration Codes
  • Delete Match ( )
  • Edit Match ( )

Additionally, the Match Dashboard ( ) provides a detailed view for match management.

How do I set up Stripe payments?
Go to and create an account with your banking information in order to be able to take online payments
How do I create a match?
How do I create a match registration form?

Custom fields on registration form
How do I customize my registration form?
How do I create schedules for my match?
How do I create stages for my match?
How do I change currency?
How do I customize my registration form?
How do I navigate my dashboard?

The Actions menu provides quick navigation to common features. This list varies by user and page, sharing only the most relevant options.

How do I delete a club?
How do I delete a match?
How do I delete a shooter?
How do I enable club memberships?
What happens when I follow a club?
  • The clubs matches appear on your dashboard
  • The club manager may chose to send you email notifications
  • You may unfollow the club at any time
Is there a way to get email notifications from clubs I'm following

The club manager has the option to send notifications to followers using the club management page.

What is the Help button?

The Help button will show/hide all tutorials for that page. Individual tutorials can be toggled with the icon

How do I set local sponsors?
Good question.
How do I mark a match shooter as paid?
I've never used Practiscore, how do I create a match?
Memberships Dashboard
Creating an account.
Creating a club.
Why is a the match I registered for not on my dashboard?

The website will link your registration to your account if you are logged in while registering. There isn’t a date range limit on upcoming matches it is limited by the next ten upcoming matches/registrations. The website will also try to put registrations in that list that match the email that was used when registering your Practiscore account. A common issue is not being logged when registering, and the email you used to register isn’t the one used by your Practiscore account. This is often the case when signed up by a match director.

How do I reset my password?

There is a request form to reset password at An email with password reset instructions will be sent to your login email. Click on the link and enter your new password. This will update your password and log you in.

What forms of payment work through Practiscore?

We currently only handle payments through Stripe . We do not handle checks, paypal, credit cards, cash, or any other payment method.

How do I set up Stripe payments?
Go to and create an account with your banking information in order to be able to take online payments
How do I manage my match details?

From your dashboard, find the Upcoming Matches panel. Clicking the link to your match while logged in will redirect you to a personal match management page. This same link will also be emailed to you upon registration. The following information is provided:

  • Match Details
  • Request to Withdraw
  • Edit Registration
  • Payment Options
  • Squadding Info
How do I get registered shooters loaded onto my match device?

You can use the pin download feature. Find your pin on the website on your club management page under your match name. It will appear only after you have registered shooters for the match. Tap “Practiscore PIN”. In the app under “Import/Export” find “Get Match Registration”. Enter your pin.

Can select shooters access registration early?

Preregistration codes can be distributed to those requiring an early registration.

Where do I find my PS ID on the website?

The PS ID is automatically assigned to you and filled in when registration is done on and the match is pulled in with the PIN

Why is everything blank on my public profile?

The public profile is not a feature that Practiscore currently supports. Every public profile is just a blank page.

How do people register for my match?
How do I get reimbursed for a match that I am unable to attend?

You will have to contact the club manager or match director for any reimbursement. Practiscore does not handle any of the money. We only provide the service.

Can I download results to a spreadsheet file?

You may copy and paste any of the results to a spreadsheet.

How do I squad?

Upon registering for a match, you will receive a link to your personal match management page. A section for squadding is at the bottom of this page. The following scenarios would prevent self squadding:

  • Schedules have not been set up by the match director
  • You have not been approved for the match
  • The match is closed
  • Squadding has been locked by the match director
  • Payment has not been received
  • Self squadding has not been permitted by match director
How do I invite people to join my club?
What is a Sport Profile?

This number is a unique identifier assigned to you by either USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, ICORE or 3 Gun Nation.

Have I been Squadded?
Is there a way to upload to USPSA

After posting your match to there will be a button at the bottom of the results page to download the file you send to