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    Thurmont Sun May 14 IDPA Match 2 3 squads
    Squad 1
    Bill English
    Peter Grahn
    Charles Hughes
    Jon Lemasters
    William Hughes
    Will Hughes
    Michael Thibault
    Bruce Bates
    Michael Clark
    Steve Mcglannan
    Squad 2
    Matt Thompson
    Nicholas Thiel
    Frank Krainaker
    Richard Kolodzinski
    Steve Gonsalves
    Robin Riley
    Henry Heymering
    Joshua Mcmahon
    Chad Carpenter
    Jennifer Kalapaca
    Vernon Anderson
    Squad 3
    Peter Ott
    David Helson
    Scott Butler
    Joel Saddoris
    Kurt Vines
    Cesar Sanchez
    Cody Claxton
    Charlie White
    Chris Everett
    Richard Miller

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