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    The 2018 IPSC WS SHOTGUN Prep Match- TX Presented by SMD 8 squads
    Squad 100
    Heath Forbis
    Luan Nguyen
    Johnny Taylor
    Daniel Earnest
    Reuben Aleckson
    Adam Maxwell
    Dillen Easley
    Sam Larkin
    Jacob Counts
    Nick Miller
    Bobby Hosmer
    Jay Christiansen
    Will Blevins
    Squad 101
    Sky Killian
    Athena Lee
    Mark Otto
    Tim Yackley
    Phil Underwood
    Tom Dowdy
    Joe Cuccia
    Benny Hill
    Tommy Dowdy
    Ty Gentry
    J.k. Rowzee
    Liang Guo
    Brian Nelson
    Squad 102
    Jessica Collier
    Donald Alongi
    Mike Whitesides
    Lan Nguyen
    Allan Zitta
    Jeff Chaffin
    Josh Froelich
    Bill Corcoran
    Dustin Sanchez
    Jack Copeland
    Scott Greene
    Matt Bryce
    Julie Waasted
    Squad 103
    Josh Pennell
    Shawna Oltmann
    Jeff Franke
    Michael Rush
    Karl Blum
    Federico Perez
    Eric Dewberry
    Eddie Mcguffin
    Squad 104
    Tina Loera
    Mindy Kay Ray
    Robin Barton
    Lyle Chambers
    Vickie Weiss
    Daniel Wood
    Pansy Steele
    Michelle Waldran
    Garrett Grover
    Mike Pietersz
    Squad 107
    Dakota Overland
    Gunnar An
    Riley Kropff
    Todd Overland
    Christi Tate
    Judy Lamb
    Rj Breese
    Ryan Breese
    Jason Carillo
    Filipe Silva
    Samuel Rydberg
    Donald Vander Meulen
    Dianna Muller
    Squad 111
    Daniel Jirasek
    Ashlynne Thomas
    William Conlan
    Kyleigh Hayworth
    Keane Brown
    Garrison England
    Jay Onorato
    Jared Halbert
    Stephen Le
    Aaron Hayes
    Nicole Hayes
    Michael Demmer
    Lance Dingler
    STAFF 112
    David Lowry
    Jason Byerly
    Kyle Sole
    Nikki Woodall
    David Hohing
    Phil Desouza
    Rob Romero
    Mark Passamaneck

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