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    Texas Carbine January Monthly Rifle Match 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Irving Torch Torchinsky
    John Hornsby
    The Beloved Maytag
    Mike Sab
    Eddie Munster
    Terry Hughes
    Bill Luick
    Irving Torch Torchinsky
    Alex Garza
    T-Post Wright
    Bryan Macrum
    Nipsy Fett
    Squad 2
    Hal9000 Carter
    Hot Brass
    Douglas Holm
    Duane Mellinger
    James Mckinny
    Benito Cavazos
    Daniel Abrego
    Kb Nightmare Bayer
    Gordon Thompson
    Terry Stacy
    Dina Tunberg
    Nathaniel Tunberg
    Squad 3
    Connor Henry
    Sally Strother
    Paul Beck
    Sergio De Leon
    Kenney Caulder
    Phil Underwood
    Benny Hill
    Kalen Mcconnell
    Mike Mcnicoll
    Hector Ramirez
    Payton Johnson
    Todd Mcfarland
    Squad 4
    David Ak Martin
    David Rimfire Martin
    Klayton Owens
    Chris Snow
    Clark Possum Apusen
    Nick Ak Iceman Lakich
    Nick Pcc Sten Lakich
    Steve Martinez
    Franklin Rifle Iron Moore
    Franklin Pcc Moore
    Wesley Giudice
    Ashlee Giudice
    Squad 5
    Justin Crediable
    Billy Xtra Gravy Carbine
    Lorenzo Rodriguez
    Nick Shelby
    Ray Cordova
    Rod Henderson
    Conrad K
    Wesley Wirick
    Austin Wirick
    Armando Herrera

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