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Steel Target Paint
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Do you shoot Steel? Then you need Steel Target Paint! Steel Target Paint was developed by shooters for shooters and has the following benefits over traditional hardware paints:
Steel Target Paint - 16 ounces of paint in the can / Hardware paint 10 - 12 ounces
Steel Target Paint - Paint resin 30+% solids for good coverage / Hardware paint 10% - 12%
solids doesn't cover well
Steel Target Paint - High flow nozzle for fast coverage / Hardware paint - slow nozzle and
poor coverage
Steel Target Paint- designed for one purpose, painting steel targets! / Hardware paint was
designed to spray everything in the world except steel targets
Available in 8 beautiful colors including white, black, stop plate red, bright yellow, bright orange, bright blue, bright green and Paint for the Cure Pink
Available through distributors or at Call for a distributor near you.

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