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Fenix Ammunition
42920 Ten Mile Road, Unit 18
Novi, Michigan 48375
P: 2486625064
[email protected]

Fenix Ammunition is a family owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality, yet affordable ammunition possible. Located in the Metro Detroit area, we seek to remind others that Detroit was once the 'Arsenal of Democracy' by bringing ammunition manufacturing back to the area.

As shooting enthusiasts, we saw the need for specialty rounds geared toward competitive shooters in all divisions. Our 9MM 147 grain round has been used by some of the country's top competitive 3 gun and USPSA/IDPA shooters who are looking to spend more time at the range and less time in their basement! Our process was designed from the ground-up to allow 'cradle to grave' tracing from component parts to finished product. A unique quality control process ensures each round is perfect dimensionally and ultra consistent over the chronograph. We are confident that our dedication to quality will translate to a more enjoyable experience for our customers, and ultimately, change the way in which ammunition reloading is practiced.

Fenix holds Type 06, 07, and 08 FFLs along with a Class II SOT license.

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