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    SMPSA 2017-07 Pistol 4 squads
    Squad 1
    Aaron Fitzgerald
    Trey Nicholson
    Neil Drennan
    Bryce Dupuy
    Blayne Dupuy
    Ruth Mahley
    Bill Mahley
    Glenn Cappel
    Dean Echols
    Bob Brandt
    Nick Brandt
    Max Michel
    Winston Freeman
    Tom Duchmann
    Squad 2
    Cade Collier
    Robert Mcnaylor
    Chase Mcdaniel
    Todd Dempster
    Bill Jackson
    Joe Borgstede
    Chris Davis
    Gerald Forbes
    George Miller
    Gerwin Henn
    Roger Henn
    Steve Tannetta
    David Pape
    Thomas "doc" Toups
    Squad 3
    Keith Ferguson
    Jamie Humphrey
    Cliff Gaddis
    Greg Hammer
    Lee Fraiser
    Michael Grimes
    Will Walker
    Thomas Arthur
    Don Evans
    Wayne Alcock
    Joe Touchton
    David Bernardi
    Chris Plaisance
    Jason Smith
    Squad 4
    Peter Keola
    Don Albares
    Jay Ward
    Pat Comeaux
    Woody Landry
    Chuck Meyers
    George Hemstad
    Grant Gillory
    John Nguyen
    Jason Welch
    Charles Alexander
    Bryan Tullos
    Robert Jones
    Jonathan Jones

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