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    If you are shooting this match please see your personal match management page to squad.
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    Match Staff 1 squad
    Squad 4
    Daniel Harvey
    Mike Freestone
    Christopher Oliver
    Zac Payne
    Patrick Kothe
    Yoshihito Becker
    Mike Harvey Jr
    Brent Thompson
    Talon Harvey
    Michael Harvey
    Marla Harvey
    Shooters 3 squads
    Squad 1
    Adam Martinez
    Richard Donaghe
    Harley Lavine
    Dave Mccall
    Elise Ortega
    Fermin Ortega
    Aaron Brekke
    Kayla Boblick
    Squad 2
    Adam Kelly
    Jacob Sanders
    David Sanders
    Peter Sakadinsky
    Jake Mallett
    Adam Wagoner
    Glenn Shelby
    Squad 3
    Joe Miller
    Ernie Walker
    Jonathon Thornton
    Jim Rutske
    Thomas Russell
    Mike Moyer
    Joshua Covert

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