Sharps Rifle Presents The Western Regional IDPA Championship


Match starts: October 28, 2017 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: October 29, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, Sloughhouse CA

Sharps Rifle presents The Western IDPA Regional Championship. This will be a Tier 4 IDPA sanctioned regional championship match. The match will be held October 28th - October 29th 2017 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. The Western 2017 will consist of 14 stages presented by Sharps Rifle Company that are designed and setup by Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters. All participants must hold a MM or higher classification in the division entered. The entry fee is $175 through September 30th. Fee is $200 October 1st. - 23rd 2017
Store link:
REFUND POLICY: No Refunds after September 30th 2017
Since PCC and Carry Optics is new for 2017 a PCC and CO guideline will be published prior to the September 30th refund deadline.

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IDPA level IV match, with the following divisions:


MD Messages

1 month ago One last note:
Lunch will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday. Water will be available each day all day to shooters.
1 month ago In just a few days we will all meet at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center to test our shooting abilities against one another. In the meanwhile here is some pre-match information.
1) No stage viewing will be allowed prior to 11am on Friday.
2) Yellow caution tape will seal off each stage. No entering each bay or crossing yellow tape prior to permission from your CSO on match day. Crossing will be considered an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.
2) Registration will begin at 11am on Friday and finish at 3pm that same day.
3) Registration will re-open at 6am on Saturday at two separate locations as follows: shooters on squad 1 - 7 will register on Range 2, shooters on Squad 8 - 14 will register at Range 8 (cowboy town).
5) Everyone will need to be ready to come to the shooting line and shoot by 7:45 am each morning for stage briefing and walkthrough. Shooting will begin sharply at 8AM.
6) All 14 stages have been re-posted. Download each to ensure you have the most current revision. They can be seen at this link under the "stages tab":
7) A paper version of the Matchbook has been uploaded. This has range map, directions to the range, as well as sponsor information, stages and more. You can view it here in the match document section
8) You can also check what squad you are on here:
Forward all question to the MD John Mercurio at [email protected]
1 month ago Revisions have been made to several stages. All 14 stages have been re-uploaded. Also you will find the Matchbook in the match documents section.
1 month ago Shooters will shoot all 7 stages on the range you start, then move to the other range and shoot 2 more. This will leave only 5 stages left to be shot on Sunday.
1 month ago Registration will begin Friday from 11AM to 2PM on range 2 for *all squads. *only friday
Registration will resume on Saturday at 6AM on both range 2 and cowboy town. Anyone who does not register on friday MUST register on the range you start on. Squad 1-7 start on range 2. Squad 8-14 start in cowboy town.
2 months ago The final 4 stages have been published. I will send notification should any stage be revised.
2 months ago Stage 8 has been posted
2 months ago Stage 7 has been published
2 months ago Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Posted on Practiscore and Matchbook
2 months ago Pre-match Test


Match Documents

Registration has closed, but sign up to be on the waiting list!
award shipping address
***NO Space or dash*** Enter xxx if not shooting.
Select your division you wish to enter.
Must be a MM or higher for this event
Select no more than 1 age (Junior, Senior, Distinguished Senior) and 1 specialty category (Law, Military, Foreign, Press) if applicable.
You will squad yourself, however squads become full. Later should a slot on your preferred squad open I will move you on a first come first served basis.
Match Staff Section
Once approved by the MD we will move your status from available to approved.
Please verify your current status
If working the match please list for us times, and dates you will be available to help out.


I understand: 
1) It is my responsibility to ensure that my IDPA membership is in good standing with IDPA Headqurters at the beginning of the match.
2) That I must be a current IDPA member to participate in this event. 
3) That I must be currently classified in the division entered to participate in this event.
4) That my participation in this event is entirely voluntary and at the discretion of the event Match Director.
5) The email I have provided above is one I will monitor closely to ensure I receive the latest match news and information. I also understand that this email may at times be visible to all match competitors through the use of the practiscore application. It may be shared with match staff for identification purposes within the practiscore application. 
6) That I will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement prior to the start of competition or as required immediately upon arrival at the range. 
7) That eye and ear protection must be warn at all times while on the range.
8) That Sacramento Valley Shooting Center is a cold range. All firearms will remain unloaded at all times unless otherwise directed by match staff. When traveling between ranges, you may keep your gun holstered, but it must remain concealed at all times during transit. Failure can result in a disqualification from the match. This is a local range rule.
9) Also that firearms may only be handled at designated safe areas or under the direction of match safety officers.
10) That I will remain outside the stage boundaries on all days at all times until instructed to enter each stage with my assigned squad on match day(s) or instructed by match staff. I understand that failure to comply with this will result in unfair action penalties applied to my match score as allowed per 5.5. I understand that stages may be viewed from outside the stage boundaries at anytime. 
11) I pledge that I will present myself in professional manor at all times. Any grievance will be handled in a polite and courteous manor within the scope and limits of the current IDPA rule book. I will not act in a rude or threatening manor at anytime before, during or after competition.

Required | You must accept this waiver to register

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