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    Thursday 3 squads
    Squad 1
    Luigi Li
    Marco Romero
    Mario Jr Penso
    Chris Martinez
    Mario Penso
    Cristobal Acosta
    Ernie Palacios
    Moshe Mizrahi
    Ben Mizrahi
    Ronald Brown
    Sergio Nunez
    Rodrigo Azpurua
    Jex Fontaine
    Paul Sandelin
    Virgilio Botti
    Rossi Botti
    Gary Sheres
    Squad 2
    Bob Youngs
    Carlos Noguera
    German Marinas
    Nelson Regalado
    Jeffrey Glasberg
    Charles Fedor
    Michael Downes
    Enrico Nunez
    Wayne Owensby
    Mark Beggs
    Robert Gaumond
    Todd Coulter
    Corrado Charle De Michele
    Irene Calizo
    Anthony Nunez
    Randall Rakestraw
    Mark Shannon
    Squad 3
    Sean Collins
    Barry Berger
    Daniel Ricci
    James Bembanaste
    Vernon Julian
    Brian Racek
    Dick Radis
    Thomas Chafey
    Mike Krebsbach
    Robert Rossi
    Gavin Butera
    Jamie Butera
    Michael Barbe
    Carlos De Barros
    Rod Hartwig
    Rob Torres
    Bresly Jaramillo

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