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    Pre registration Squadding 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Jamie Stevens
    Wayne Petersen
    Robb Willoughby
    Terry Atchison
    Chris Neuharth
    Richard M. Shepperd
    James English
    Allen Rooney
    Tony Fast
    Cameron Hopkins
    Troy League
    Allen Weintraub
    Squad 2
    Michael Truong
    John Lara
    Bart Carter
    Eric Suniga
    Fred Ruiz
    Jhay Chua
    Thomas Smith
    Craig Allen
    Chris Lewis
    Ivan Duenas
    Bill Lacey
    Brian Hoff
    Squad 3
    Ronaldo Silverio
    Akos Mester
    Steve Devalliere
    Mark Taylor
    Brant Cresanto
    James Woods
    John Sims
    Ian Yager
    Jake Mequia
    Paul Taylor
    Bradford Barnes
    Joe Patti
    Kevin Acuff
    Squad 4
    Peter Grino
    Mark Fines
    Nick Mahmood
    Buddy Anisco
    Edward Reyes
    Renante David
    Jason Guerrero
    Lyle Masangkay
    Brian Kamarauskas
    Jeff Jimenez
    Debbie Wood
    Ronald Jimenea
    Squad 5
    Ed Pierce
    Christopher Ellis
    Kevin Nicolas
    Justin Khor
    Mark Santos
    Rheyland Simon
    Anil Lalani
    Ivan Jarusiri
    Ardie Manuel
    Joseph Ly
    Robert Ramirez
    Zeljko Lucic

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