SBRC NSSF Rimfire Challenge June 11 2016


Match starts: June 11, 2016 @ 1:00 PM · Match ends: June 11, 2016 @ 2:30 PM

Location: Billings, MO 65610

A four stage, rifle/pistol NSSF Rimfire Challenge Match. See you at the match. Match location: 646 Kastendieck Road Billings MO 65610. Click here for map.

Match starts at 1:00 sharp. All steel. 2 stages pistol, 2 stages rifle. Minimum 22 long rifle only. 200 rounds MINIMUM (assuming no misses or reshoots). Limited ammo available at match.

Open class & limited class. Juniors, Ladies & Senior Categories.

Limited to first 30 shooters. For more information, contact Craig Heidemann at 417-224-4335.


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General match, with the following divisions:
Open, Limited



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**NOTE: When paying below, Juniors and Seniors will only be charged $15 even though $20 shows up. Must check box to receive discount.
Open: May include scopes, optics, lasers, compensators and muzzle brakes. Limited: Guns with iron sights. Adjustable/fiber optic okay. No compensators, muzzle brakes or barrel weights.

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I wish to engage in firearms shooting at Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club, Billings, MO.  I understand that engaging in these activities may be hazardous, with accompanying risks of personal injury, death, and/or loss or damage to my property. In consideration of my participation in such shooting activities, I, on my own behalf and that of my heirs, successors, representatives, administrators and assigns, hereby: 1. Waive and completely release any and all, past, present or future claims, causes of action, suits, rights, damages, costs, expenses or obligations or demands of any kind whatsoever, I, or anyone on my behalf might have against Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Mile High Investments LLC, The Arms Concierge, Craig Heidemann, or their parent, affiliates, subsidiaries or successor and their respective officers, directors, servants, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and contractors (together "Released Parties"), for any loss, damage, personal injury, death and/or loss or damage to my property resulting from my participation in such shooting activities INCLUDING DAMAGES CAUSED BY THEIR OWN NEGLIGENCE; 2. Agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Released Parties, from any and all claims by any person, firm, corporation or others, for any damages, loss or claims, of any nature, arising in any way out of my participation in such shooting activities; and 3. Assume all risks associated with such activities and all responsibility for medical expenses, costs and/or other obligations and other losses or injuries to me or in which I may become involved, by reason of my participation in such shooting activities at the aforementioned facility or event. SHOOTING IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS.  I AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL RANGE SAFETY RULES PUBLISHED AT

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