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    If you are shooting this match please see your personal match management page to squad.
    Hover over names to see their Division and Class if applicable.
    Squads 3 squads
    Squad 1
    Ed Wilson
    Jordan Epps
    Boon Casey
    Steve Vestal
    Cian Casey
    Cade Grimm
    Stew Grimm
    Jamin Moody
    Squad 2
    Abby Heidemann
    Brixey Nelson
    Taylor Miller
    Bo Beard
    John Fowler
    Robert Lacore
    Rod Beard
    Tate Wheeler
    Jeffrey Miller
    Eva Heidemann
    Squad 3
    Greyson Lee
    Cori Lee
    Alyssa Lee
    Austin Chamberlain
    Dustin Chamberlain
    Mylee Chamberlain
    Hailey Chamberlain
    Justin Redd
    Adam Morris

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