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    Mini Rifle league 1 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Christo Van Zyl
    Gary Hagemann
    Magdaleen Van Zyl
    Gary Meyer
    Mark Schuurmans
    Bruce Foreman
    Greg Salzwedel
    Renier Reynders
    Stephen Elder
    Squad 2
    Piet Van Wyk
    Neil Hunter
    Frikkie Streicher
    Riaan Du Plessis
    Francois Muller
    Tazio Resca
    Roy Melville
    Jan Jacobs
    Rudolf Liebenberg
    Squad 3
    Beverly Kwan
    Gerrit Maritz
    Stephan Calitz
    Dario Perotta
    Shaun Booyens
    Johan Van Heerden
    Leon Stander
    Sean Kwan
    Dieter Stander
    Squad 4
    Andre Du Toit
    Marnitz Conradie
    Gerhard Van Onselen
    Gerrit-Jan Bakker
    Haydn Wocke
    Esti Bender
    Axel Quabeck
    Albert Wöcke
    Kayley Du Toit
    Squad 5
    Cruy Cruywagen
    James Macintosh
    Enrico Galetti
    Zirk Panzegrouw
    Louis Nel
    Gerhard Riekert
    Eugene Lourie
    Chené Van Der Merwe
    Johan Riekert

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