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    PNTC September 2017 LRC 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Jeffrey Bauer
    Brad Danforth
    Gary Lemmon
    Carlton Yearwood
    Alan Burrell
    Eric Burrell
    Ronnie Jones
    Frank Mastraccio
    Joseph Stewart
    Matthew Brannan
    Richard Peabody
    Jay Cromp
    Squad 2
    Nathan Martin
    Daniel Martin
    Steven Stell
    Miguel Valls
    Russell Steele
    Jay Love
    Chris Burdtte
    Alan Goldman
    David Borcherding
    Dave Poske
    Gary Conner
    Squad 3
    Bill Wepking
    William Martindale
    William Houck
    Bryan Nelson
    Jack Nelson
    Howie Burrill
    Paul Patel
    Jack Hulme
    Larry Tennant
    Greg Leffler
    Joseph Mcdonald
    Brett Sowder
    Squad 4
    Erick Royle
    Brandon Sloan
    Brad Thompson
    Gene Jose
    Ross Colquhoun
    Eric Brody
    Mike Morgan
    Robert Shaw
    Frederick Rowe
    Herb Hawse
    Chris Turman
    Ted Grose
    Squad 5
    Robert Platt
    Cameron Reid
    John Hauser
    Mariannne Hauser
    Connor Jollie
    Chris Jollie
    Nicholas Neacosia
    Charles Smargie

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