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    PNTC October 2017 Super Steel AM 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Leonard Roy
    Roger Krause
    Ed Fortney
    Freda Ellinghaus
    Bobby Yi
    John Yun
    Calvin Choi
    David Thrift
    John Karanikas
    Brad Faas
    Forrest Fleming
    Stephen Lander
    Squad 2
    Douglas Gross
    Jessica Beckman
    Eric Beckman
    Daniel Oxenburg
    Daniel Grady
    Antenor Rambal
    Dan Marple Jr.
    Tony Rosenzweig
    James Swanson
    Matthew Walker
    Squad 3
    Richard Toke
    George Brooks
    Eric Smith
    Flip Harrover
    Werner Diedericks
    Zane Daily
    Larry Lynn
    Victor Chen
    Robert Wood Ltd
    Robert Wood Pcc
    Lucas Nel
    Squad 4
    Mitchell Singer
    Adam Chadick
    Kurt Colson
    Lance Baker
    Orville Kellar
    Brendan Warshauer
    Erik Leber
    David Baker
    Rich Kolodzinski
    Jacob Rahavi
    Nickolas Jorjani
    Robert Cocco
    Squad 5
    Eric Wong
    Mike Sharrett
    Jake Thompson
    Will Tung
    William Tung
    Tim Stedman
    Stephen Dubovsky
    Adam Kehlenbeck
    Chad Carpenter
    Kurt Batterton

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