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    PNTC May 2017 Super Steel AM 5 squads
    Squad 1
    James Barton
    Michael Darby
    Bruce Cole
    Warren Stimpson
    Steven Ortiz
    David Hunter
    James Herfurth
    Michael Wiesner
    David Paarfus
    Michael Radford
    Allison Radford
    Cody Rhodes
    Squad 2
    Jessica Beckman
    Ron Jones
    Dan Marple Jr.
    Paul Oliver
    Nathan Alt
    Matthew Corrigan
    Stephen Lander
    Charles Mcmullen
    Armaan Mehta
    Tony Rosenzweig
    Squad 3
    Frank Krainaker
    Xavier Wahid
    William Pulliam
    Justin Titus
    Larry Lynn
    Dean Perry
    George Mcingvale
    Joe Adamany
    Squad 4
    Matthew Pittman
    Matt Pittman
    Heather Pittman
    David Scordy
    Anna De Lapparent
    R Douglass Dailey
    Eric Wynn
    Philippe Lacoude
    Dennie Harne
    Mary Ann Harne
    Benjamin Cobb
    Joe Pitha
    Squad 5
    Eric Wong Mpx
    Mike Sharrett
    Stephen Dubovsky
    Chris Richter
    Will Tung Scorpion
    Thai Diep
    William Tung Veep9
    Eric Wong P226
    Thai Diep
    Tim Brownawell
    Stephen Dubovsky (Pistol)
    Adam Kehlenbeck

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