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    PNTC May 2017 LRC 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Aidan Navarro
    Adriel Navarro
    Jay Love
    Erick Royle
    Jason Morneault
    Gene Jose
    Brandon Ritch
    Sean Ott
    Chris Butdette
    James Degener
    Mark Rupe
    Larry Cassidy
    Squad 2
    Matt Williams
    Chris Martin
    Don Ackad
    Craig Robbins
    Jack Hulme
    Larry Wright
    Jeff Rash
    Brad Danforth
    Harry Fitzpatrick
    Kyle Butler
    Jimmy Rey
    Bill Wepking
    Squad 3
    Larry Tennant
    Gregory Leffler
    Russell Steele
    Steven Stell
    Chris Callisto
    Bryan Nelson
    Jack Nelson
    Paul Patel
    Howie Burrill
    Jim Horton
    Steven Mackenzie
    Gregg Mcdonald
    Squad 4
    Todd Kendall
    Mason Ryan
    Chris Ryan
    Will Martindale
    William Houck
    Terry Altom
    Robert Shaw
    Mike Morgan
    Ian Kenney
    Mark Rush
    David Borcherding
    Jason Makowski
    Squad 5
    Mike Jamison
    Robert Mcclure
    David Gittes
    Roberto Gouveia
    Dave Mcintyre
    Ed Binkley
    Dave Liebl
    Jeffrey Fuller
    Robert Lockman
    Dave Liebl
    Rick Tang
    Tom Pohuski

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