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    PNTC March 2018 2 Gun 6 squads
    Squad 1
    Sean Walsh
    Dave Lew
    Larry Lynn
    Victor Chen
    Daniel Perret
    Laura Torres-Reyes
    Mark Taylor
    Ernest Reager
    Joshua Siegel
    Chris Everett
    Jacob Schaffer
    Blaese Romano
    Squad 2
    Eric Beckman
    Jj Ebro
    Thomas Donley
    Jeremy Kisner
    Anderson Albano
    Stanley Gonyo
    Joe Fallis
    Nathan Alt
    Nick Jorjani
    Martin Healy
    Steve Gonsalves
    Ian Kenney
    Squad 3
    Jake Edwards
    George Brooks
    Casey Brooks
    David Statler
    Ethan George
    Justin Hechinger
    David Paarfus
    Collin Arnold
    Russell Main
    Stephen Reed
    Brendan Warshauer
    Kurt Colson
    Squad 4
    Bryan Nelson
    Jack Nelson
    Paul Patel
    Saurabh Seth
    David Trang
    Eric Pope
    Christopher Sim
    David Spencer
    Parker Hornstein
    Michael Miller
    Daniel Pack
    James Jones
    Squad 5
    Heidi Harrover
    Richard Toke
    Joe Toke
    Flip Harrover
    Kevin Toke
    Robert Wood
    Nicholas Neacosia
    John Dinterman
    Stuart Hensley
    Tom Morgan
    Scott Moore
    Travis Heiden
    Squad 6
    David Scordy
    Chad Rager
    Stephen Rolando
    Jackson Rolando
    Benjamin Cobb
    John Shillingburg
    Eric Wynn
    Anna De Lapparent
    Alex Kozicki
    John Cho
    Ethan Kauffman
    Ross Fowler

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