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    PNTC December 2017 LRC 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Tyler Armel
    Craig Frazier
    David Scordy
    Nolan Alcantara
    Carlton Yearwood
    Curt Salter
    Patrick Youngs
    Tommy Carter
    David Trang
    Kevin Brower
    Brian Sundberg
    Chris Pearson
    Squad 2
    Fred Rowe
    Eric Brody
    Joseph Funk
    James Conway
    Christopher Funk
    Zach Cerrone
    Scott Schroeder
    Jay Cromp
    William Houck
    Jay Love
    Jeff Snowden
    William Martindale
    Squad 3
    Al Causey
    Ling Xu
    Bill Schwab
    Bill Wepking
    Erick Royle
    Gene Jose
    Steven Stell
    Chris Turman
    Harry Fitzpatrick
    Tim Duehring
    David Metcalfe
    Chris Burdette
    Squad 4
    Nicholas Gardner
    Evan Schwab
    Mike Morgan
    Mark Phillips
    Eric Thesing
    Frank Comer
    Brian Russell
    Edward Williams
    Herb Hawse
    Chris Temple
    Patrick Mcpartland
    Charles Dittmer
    Squad 5
    Bob Spangler
    Robert Lockman
    Scott Hamilton
    Cameron Reid
    Thomas Yuditsky
    Robert Platt
    Michael Siewertsen
    Robert Vawter
    Robert Forsyth
    Jeffrey Fuller
    William Malin
    Dave Mcintyre

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