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    PNTC December 2017 2 Gun 6 squads
    Squad 1
    Daniel Oxenburg
    Michael Wagner
    James Han
    Stephen Reed
    Russell Main
    Tex Peterson
    Kurt Colson
    Brendan Warshauer
    Adam Chadick
    Nick Chadick
    Sean Walsh
    Kevin Roy
    Grant Goldsmith
    Carter Villa
    Squad 2
    Douglas Gross
    Eric Beckman
    Nate Tabbert
    Steve Gonsalves
    Mark Galvin
    Joe Fallis
    Bryan Nelson
    Jack Nelson
    Dave Mcintyre
    Larry Lynn
    Victor Chen
    Ian Kenney
    Ryan Kilgus
    John Gaston
    Joshua Walter
    Squad 3
    Frank Chilli
    Richard Toke
    Flip Harrover
    Heidi Harrover
    Kevin Toke
    Charles Mcmullen
    John Dinterman
    Mike Vandevander
    Nathan Cosner
    Chris Schumaker
    Robert Wood Ltd
    Scott Derrick
    Andy Hunt
    Gram Pratt
    Squad 4
    David Scordy
    Chris Everett
    Cameron York
    Jacob Jackson
    Daniel Schmoker
    Alex Kozicki
    Anna De Lapparent
    Sean Anderson
    Nick Jorjani
    Raymond Feliciano
    Derek Deveau
    Mark Ibrahim
    Philippe Lacoude
    Calvin Tang
    Ryan Nagatoshi
    Squad 5
    Robert Williams
    Andrew Lock
    Mark Taylor
    Stephen Rolando
    Bob Schartz
    Chad Rager
    Robert Hall
    Nathan Rettig
    Mark Falkey
    William Lund
    Nolan Alcantara
    Stephen Kochy
    Carter Butt
    Alex Warren
    Squad 6
    Eric Thesing
    Cesser Thesing
    Mike Womble
    Collin Arnold
    Eric Hansen
    Justin Hechinger
    Kameron Turner
    James Jones
    Brian Sundberg
    Jeremiah Morgan
    Zach Shaffer
    James Mckenna
    Andrew Raciti

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