Leatham and Tarani - Hand To Gun Intensive Training Program - Nov 13 - 16 2017


Match starts: November 13, 2017 @ 5:00 PM · Match ends: November 16, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Location: Rio Salado Sportsman's Club - Mesa, Arizona


Rob Leatham & Steve Tarani

We require all clients to have an exceptional working knowledge of their pistol and of basic firearm safety.

All clients are required to be in complete control both mentally and physically during HTG events.

HTG Class Fee - $695

Payment - Debit or Credit Card (Full payment required at time of registration)

Refund Policy - If you must cancel more than 30 days from the HTG class date, notify us promptly to receive a 100% payment credit to be applied to a future HTG class.

Cancelation notifications that occur less than 30 days before the HTG class date shall receive a 50% payment credit that may be applied to a future HTG class.

Cancelations within one week of class will receive no refund.

All credits expire one year from issue.

Class size: 32 Max

General match, with the following divisions:



Match Documents

Registration has closed, but sign up to be on the waiting list!
We require a valid driver's license upon check-in at class. Minors are not allowed in HTG courses.
Please enter your mobile phone number. We may need to contact you before or during the HTG course.
Select any / all that apply.
I declare that I am knowledgable about the importance of a safe muzzle direction. I will keep the muzzle of my gun pointed directly down range when it is not in my holster or pointed at a target.
I declare that I am knowledgable about the importance of firearm safety and finger position. I will keep finger(s) VISIBLY outside of the trigger guard at all times - unless I am engaging a target.
Please enter the type of pistol you will bring to the HTG. We only allow one pistol for the duration of the course.
Enter the caliber of your pistol and factory ammunition.
Please enter the type of holster you will bring to the HTG. We do not allow any holster that requires the use of the trigger finger to deactivate any type of retention device.
HTG Intensive is physically challenging, requires strength, dexterity, movement, strong/weak-hand shooting, etc. All clients are required to be in good shape, both mentally & physically.
Affidavit: I avow that I am NOT a convicted felon, prevented by law from owning or possessing a firearm. 
Affidavit: I avow that I have not been adjudicated mentally defective or committed to a mental institution.
Affidavit: I avow that I am not a current, pending or former member of a gang, club or organization performing illegal and/or violent criminal activity.
Affidavit: I avow that I am LEGALLY able to own/possess a firearm in my city/county/state/country of residence, as per the US Department of Justice, BATF Form 4473 requirements. 
I avow I am NOT an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Drugs and alcohol are not permitted in HTG classes.
Please tell us how long you have been shooting pistols.
Please indicate any / all formal handgun and hand-to-hand training you have completed in the past, i.e. Gunsite 250 in July of 2015, Gracie Combatives in 2016
I understand that I must be able to pass the Level I Qualification with my pistol to register for this class. If I do not pass the qual upon arrival, my payment is forfeited and I cannot participate.
I understand that if I am deemed unsafe or disruptive at any point during the HTG course, I will be immediately removed from the class, and no refund will be issued.

Match Requires Payment to Register

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