January AZLRPRS Club Match


Match starts: January 06, 2018 @ 7:30 AM · Match ends: January 06, 2018 @ 1:30 PM

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Precision rifle competition hosted by AZLRPRS at CowTown Range consisting of 70 rifle rounds with target distances up to 1000 yards. Events will take place on the upper west shooting platforms.

Registration will be done solely through Practiscore. Check in will be from 0730-0745 the morning of the match. Rounds go downrange starting at 0800, rain or shine.

Rifles should be capable of holding 1MOA. Calibers limited anything between .223 and .30cal (300WM) and may not exceed 3200fps in velocity.

Please be sure to bring hearing and eye protection (required). Knee and elbow pads are recommended. Chamber flags are required. If you do not have one, some may be available onsite.

Match fee is $30. Scores will be posted through Practiscore within 24 hours of the match ending.

We'll meet for lunch after the match tear down at Wild Horse West for awards and burgers.

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General match, with the following divisions:
Open, Tactical, Production



Match Documents

Only 49 spots left!
Open - Any caliber (.223 to 300WM) with velocities up 3200fps Tactical - .223 and .308 only. No wildcat variations. Production - Factory rifles only. See PRS Rules, Appendix 3 for details on limits.
Pro - experienced shooter; Semi Pro - learning, but ain't any of your first 10 rodeos; Amateur - you've shot 5 matches max; New - this is your very first precision rifle match


  WAIVER OF LIABILITY RELEASE HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT   I, the undersigned, wish to engage in firearms shooting at Cowtown Range, located at 10402 West Old Carefree Hwy Peoria, AZ 85383   I understand that engaging in these activities may be hazardous, with accompanying risks of personal injury, death, and/or loss or damage to my property. In consideration of my participation in such shooting activities, I, on my own behalf and that of my heirs, successors, representatives, administrators and assigns, hereby:   Waive and completely release any and all, past, present or future claims, causes of action, suits, rights, damages, costs, expenses or obligations or demands of any kind whatsoever, I, or anyone on my behalf might have against Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters Club, Westward Ho Adventures, LLC, Cowtown Range, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries or successor and their respective officers, directors, servants, employees, agents, representatives and contractors (together "Cowtown Range"), for any loss, damage, personal injury, death and/or loss or damage to my property resulting from my participation in such shooting activities;   Agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Cowtown Range and Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters Club, from any and all claims by any person, firm, corporation or others, for any damages, loss or claims, of any nature, arising in any way out of my participation in such shooting activities; and   Assume all risks associated with such activities and all responsibility for medical expenses, costs and/or other obligations and other losses or injuries to me or in which I may become involved, by reason of my participation in such shooting activities at the aforementioned facility or event.   MY COMMITMENT TO SAFE GUN HANDLING Anyone who uses a firearm has a responsibility to themselves and others to use the firearm safely. I acknowledge that I am familiar with the basic rules of firearm safety and that those basic rules have been explained to me. I agree to follow all of the basic rules of firearm safety at all times during my use and handling of any firearms. The safe use of firearms dictates that I understand and agree to follow all of these instructions:   I WILL TREAT EVERY FIREARM AS IF IT WERE LOADED. I WILL ALWAYS KEEP THE FIREARM POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. I WILL NOT PLACE MY FINGER ON THE TRIGGER OR IN THE TRIGGER GUARD UNLESS AND UNTIL I AM READY TO FIRE. I WILL ALWAYS BE AWARE OF MY TARGET AND WHAT IS BEYOND IT AND AROUND IT. I WILL ALWAYS WEAR APPROPRIATE EYE AND EAR PROTECTION. I WILL ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL OF MY FIREARMS.     I understand these basic rules of firearms safety and I agree to follow them at all times. I further certify that I am over eighteen [18] years of age and have read and understand this Waiver of Liability, Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement and have executed this instrument voluntarily on this date, and that I am a legal United States citizen, and am not a prohibited possessor of firearms. I also agree to allow Cowtown Range and their vendors/associates to use photos or videos of me for marketing and promotional purposes, without any identifying information. Initial here if you do not permit this:    
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