HVG - Pistol Challenge - Event 2


Match starts: February 16, 2018 @ 5:00 PM · Match ends: February 16, 2018 @ 7:30 AM

Location: Huron Valley Guns, New Hudson, MI

Every Friday night at HVG, starting 2/9/18 (8 Fridays total), we will hold a pistol shooting challenge on the 25yd range. Each Friday night will be a different course of fire (CoF) that can be run as many times as you like within the available time window and availability of the range. Pre-registering will help us manage the number of lanes that will be used based on participation. Pay per run.

Cost is $5/run for non-members and $4/run for members of HVG.

Competitors will pay and receive their targets at the range desk. Each course of fire will require 3 magazines with 10 rounds each to complete (30 rounds for score). The CoF will change each week and will be posted at the range desk. You will be able to shoot for score as many times as you like assuming the range and course are available. No strong side holsters are required, but recommended. You will be able to perform table starts. Reloads from the belt or the table, your choice. All shooting will be from the freestyle unsupported position. If you are unable to fire all shots during a presentation you will be able to make them up on the next. Goal is to fire for score 30 rounds. (300 points possible, X's will break ties)

Each time you run the CoF you will be entered for a random prize draw (1hr of free range time) to be drawn at the end of each week. The winners will be chosen at random for those that have entered scores into the system. The more you play the higher your chance of winning for that week. 1st place in each division will be awarded 1hr of free range time. 2nd place in each division will be awarded 1/2hr of free range time.

Scores will be posted on the HVG website along with prize winners. You'll be able to check your progress from week to week with some of the best shooters in the area.

The CoF will be posted at the range desk and here on Practiscore. You will pay and receive your targets at the front range counter. The RSO on duty will run the program when you are ready so please let them know which lane and how many times you will be running the CoF.

Targets will be scored by the on-duty RSO and will be kept for scoring entry at the end of the evening. Results will be posted by the following Monday or sooner.

Divisions: Unlimited (optics), Practical (irons), Revolver (irons)
(Legal suppressors are welcome in either division)
(Sorry, NO select fire guns, semi-auto only)

Caliber: 9mm or larger
Magazines: 3
Rounds per mag: 10
Wheel gun speed Loaders: enough for 30 rounds
Total round count: 30 for score

Come join us each Friday for this fun and challenging competition at HVG.

Don't forget to come by early and have dinner at Molly's, the food is excellent.

Pistol Challenge 2:
Shooter will signal RSO to start CoF.
Pistol will start at the low ready, muzzle touching table.
1) At start, target will move out to 5yd on edge, turn and expose for 2.0s. (FIRE 5 rounds)
2) Target will edge and move out to 7yd, turn and expose for 2.5s. (FIRE 5 rounds)
3) Target will edge and dwell for 3.0s (RELOAD)
4) Target will travel to 10yd, turn and expose for 4.5s (FIRE 5 rounds)
5) Target will edge and travel to 15yd, turn and expose for 5.0s (FIRE 5 rounds)
6) Target will edge and dwell for 3.0s (RELOAD)
7) Target will travel to 20yd, turn and expose for 6.0s (Fire 5 rounds)
8) Target will edge and travel to 25yd, turn and expose for 7.5s (FIRE 5 rounds)
9) Target will edge and return for scoring.
CoF will then be complete. Take down your target and record your First and Last Name, Division, and the total number of rounds fired (30 max). Give target to the RSO on-duty for official scoring. HVG will retain the target for score entry, you are more than welcome to take photo for bragging rights.

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General match, with the following divisions:
Unlimited, Practical, Revolver



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