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    Griffin USPSA Match June 2017 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Greg Cannon
    Larry Laughner
    John Lindsey
    Beau Sanders
    Andrea Boone
    Andy Peters
    Tim Hadden
    Hannah Hadden
    Jeremy Williams
    Wes Mahr
    Marcus Peterson
    Rick Brantley
    Squad 2
    Tim Bowden
    Matt Bowden
    Thomas Gillen
    Jerry Taylor
    John Tillotson
    Christopher Anderson
    Ed Russman
    Steven House
    Joel Martin
    Jack Martin
    Anthony Parker
    Chris Farnan
    Squad 3
    David Knight
    Patrick Mines
    Frank Mosely
    David Harris
    Greg Gilleland
    Glen Webber
    Mandi Macdonald
    Brian Harris
    Andrew Speece
    Stephanie Speece
    Robert Bodron
    Kayla Bodron
    Squad 4
    Jason Boyd
    Graham Page
    Bill Cox
    Robert Stringer
    David Lockhart
    Keith Hough
    Richard Sellers
    Harold Ham
    Carlos Layson
    Doug Jones
    Kyle Walker
    Lane Rutledge
    Squad 5
    Brian Rivers
    Gary Golden
    Daniel Adair
    Steven Luschen
    Ryan Mciver
    George Brehm
    Barry Peppers
    Greg Smith
    Todd Kellar

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