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    Griffin USPSA Match Feb 2018 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Greg Cannon
    Tim Hadden
    Hannah Hadden
    Brandon Rentfrow
    John Lindsey
    Christopher Anderson
    Rick Brantley
    Roy Schwarz
    Jeremy Williams
    Bill Doyne
    Squad 2
    Tim Bowden
    Paul Rollins
    Anthony Johnson
    Brian Sharp
    Paul Bostwick
    Allen Hutcheson
    Squad 3
    David Knight
    Tucker Hardie
    Michael Oswald
    Carl Rainey
    Dallas Rose
    George Brehm
    Brian Harris
    John Henson
    Michael Bockman
    David Ridings
    Adam Smith
    Squad 4
    Karen Whitlock
    Jeff Johnston
    Todd Wong
    Michael Wasielewski
    Derrick Morris
    Robert Stringer
    William Cox
    Richard Sellers
    Carlos Layson
    Harold Ham
    David Lockhart
    Terry Sharp
    Squad 5
    Jason Boyd
    Patrick Cook
    Carlton Jones
    Ryan Reid
    Nick Reaves
    David Buenegr
    Shawn Conley
    John Krause
    Ed Russman
    Tom Minko
    David Stephens
    Brian Rivers

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