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    Eds Steel - September 2017 5 squads
    Bay 1 1
    Bob Metts
    Lynne Metts
    Craig Gardner
    Evan Gardner
    John Shepard
    Kathy Allen
    Matthew Abbott
    Rhyde Thomas
    Leesa Thomas
    Kaitlyn Lisenby
    Neil Derue
    Bay 2 2
    Chris Lepard
    Jim Eiermann
    Phil Mckenzie
    John W Landon
    Jim Fehlman Ii
    Jim Fehlman 3
    Vic Sustarsic
    Rick Bauer
    Todd Henry
    Jeff Mccarty
    Bay 3 3
    Vern Moore
    Vaughn Platt
    Dan Patchin Sr
    Daniel Patchin Ii
    Gary Silvernail
    Bp Wisniewski
    Wayne Wisniewski
    Andrew Dibartolomeo
    Victor Geremia
    Bay 5 4
    Terry Burnett
    Walter Zimmer
    Bill Wehrle
    Brenda Schultz
    Wayne Schultz
    Janet Salesky
    Kile Salesky
    Mike Dauenhauer
    Jack Jauch
    Ray Srnick
    Bay 6 5
    Pam Himes-Ohler
    Kathryn Garlitz
    Jay Janek
    Jerry Garlitz
    Mike Stoneman
    Lorna Fox
    Lee Fox
    Philip Murphy
    Corey Hill
    Traci Wilson
    Terri Holt
    Bretton Rebol

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