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    DAPS USPSA at ETTS 4 squads
    Squad 1
    Troy Scoggins
    Nick Anselmo
    Scott Stockton
    Aidan Stockton
    Deron Wood
    Lee Neel
    Chris Kingston
    Tibor Kovacs
    Keith Gyger
    Kathy Bliss
    Jon Coker
    Squad 2
    Michael Calverley
    Sean Sunglao
    Glenn Ganac
    Fred Leoncio
    Ken Cobb
    Mark Wilemon
    Tim Roddy
    Jeffrey Waite
    Alex Bran
    Rhonda Stonaker
    Jr Erasmus
    Chris Boaz
    Squad 3
    John Stewart
    Khoi Nguyen
    Calvin Truong
    Steve Burroughs
    Daniel Martinez
    Cooper Cardinale
    Patrick Mckeethen
    Estuardo Balderas
    Gary Stoner
    Ken Ito
    Phillip Romero
    Gary Goldgar
    Squad 4
    Sonny Feuay
    Long Tran
    Lang Tran
    Ryan Lopez
    Kevin Krebs
    Charles Krebs
    Sean Schrader
    Ryan Schrader
    Greg Scott
    John Nguyen
    Michael Mosier
    Thomas Fazekas

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