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    DAPS SPLASH Steel Match 5 squads
    Squad 1
    Ken Munson
    Alex Bran
    Kyle Beatty
    Nelson Lee
    Ron Creel
    Francois Lupi
    Jason Kellar
    Sam Reyes
    Conner Knutson
    John Chappell
    Charles Krebs
    Ken Ito
    Kyle Rawls
    David Hagan
    James Nguyen
    Squad 2
    Rob Thwaites
    Sawyer Lawrence
    Joseph Godwin
    Joseph Godwin
    Francine Rhinehart
    Mark Mccammon
    Byron Simpson
    David Kang
    Jeff Chaffin
    Scott Wheeler
    Steve Anderson
    Carina Randolph
    Riley Long
    Mitchell Wehrenberg
    Chris Cunningham
    Greg Burkhead
    Daisy Burkhead
    Squad 3
    Jesse Powell
    Ryan Newell
    Dave Wilson
    Chris Alcedo
    Daniel Martinez
    Wendell Shillig
    Frank Thompson
    Mark Wilemon
    Bobby Saleh
    Jamie Saleh
    Caleb Lucas
    Andrew Dean
    Phillip Ammon
    Veryl Bohn
    Mark Fowler
    Kevin Knott
    Squad 4
    Clinton Byer
    Neil Erasmus
    Brian Hurst
    Michael Bathon
    Patrick Bashford
    Rags Connaway
    Tim Cavazos
    Stephen Martin
    Michael Erwin
    Randy Kent
    Don Totusek
    Steve Burroughs
    Matthew Larson
    Stephen Martin
    Jeremy` Dyer
    Derek Smith
    Squad 5
    Calvin Truong
    Mason Pritcher
    Ryan Wilks
    Mark Toronjo
    Tj "t-Rex" Maloney
    Stuart Nix
    Mark Boothe
    Komron Iranzad
    Chance Lanzillo
    Ike Fleetwood
    Cory Kiel
    Brody Rigues
    Alejandro Bacallao
    Charles Wells
    Chad Wells

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