Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday January 21 Steel Challenge Match


Match starts: January 21, 2018 @ 10:00 AM · Match ends: January 21, 2018 @ 2:30 PM

Location: 2832 FM 763, Corpus Christi, Texas 78415

The January match will be on Sunday 21st. We will have the following SCSA stages:
Bay 16 Accelerator
Bay 15 Pendulum
Bay 14 Showdown
Bay 13 Speed Option
Bay 12 Roundabout
Bay 11 Smoke & Hope

Total round count excluding misses will be about 150. If you are considering shooting this match please pre-register as it saves a lot of time on Sunday morning and helps us start on time. We will limit match to six squads of 10 guns to keep things moving (60 total guns).
SHOOTERS MAY SIGN UP TO SHOOT A MAXIMUM OF 2 GUNS DURING PRE-REGISTRATION, if at match time there are open slots (fewer than 60 guns) shooters may be allowed to shoot a third gun.
link to registration:
Any rules questions, disputes or protest during a match will be decided by the match director or CCPRC management. Good sportsman like behavior is expected of each participant and their guest at all times. Match director or CCPRC management have the authority to eject any shooter and/or their guest for safety and behavior issues.
No pistol holsters are allowed that could cause the user to break the 180 degree rule when drawing or re-holstering (cross-draw, shoulder, FBI cant etc.).
Set up starts at about 3:00 pm Saturday 1/20 (or after the youth Steel match finishes on 1/20) with practice to follow after all stages are set up if time and daylight allows. Practice is free for those that help with set up or $5 for those that do not help. Practice will last to 5.00 pm (sunset is 5:35) as long as there is a range officer present. Back Gate (orange) to match Opens at 9:00 am on Sunday morning.
Registration 9:30 am
Hammer down 10:00 am
CCPRC member $15.00
Non member $20.00
Extra gun $5.00
$5.00 discount for Juniors 18 & under
Check email and website for weather updates and information:
USPSA level I match, with the following divisions:
Abbreviation Division Name
CO Carry Optics
ISR Iron Sight Revolver
LTD Limited
OPN Open
OSR Optical Sight Revolver
PCCI Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron
PCCO Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics
PROD Production
RFPI Rimfire Pistol Iron
RFPO Rimfire Pistol Open
RFRI Rimfire Rifle Iron
RFRO Rimfire Rifle Open
SS Single Stack

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USPSA level I match, with the following divisions:



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