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[email protected]
2644-2766 Lytle Creek Rd
Lytle Creek CA 92358
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2 Active Matches
January 27, 2018 · Meyer Canyon in Lytle Creek, CA
February 24, 2018 · Meyer Canyon in Lytle Creek, CA

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In order to comply with the new California magazine law, starting in July 2017 WEGC 3Gun will be a 10-round magazine match.

All participants, regardless of their Division, will be required to use pistol and rifle magazines holding no more than 10 rounds.

We recognize that some competitors may still legally possess standard capacity magazines for their pistols and rifles.  Therefore, should a competitor fire more than 10 rounds out of any given magazine, He or She will receive a 30 second penalty for that course of fire.

Range Location:

34.215059, -117.445387