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INTRODUCTION TO COMPETITION HA... 2017-11-04 2017-11-07 18:48:50
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ONE on ONE Firearms provides the best, real-world firearms training and education available for those looking to legally carry concealed,  or those who just want to learn to shoot and/or improve their shooting skills.    We provide group and private instruction but always keep our group class size small so you recieve One on One attention.  You will not find yourself lost in a sea of students.   Many people, with little experience with firearms, end up at a gun counter making a purchase based on price alone or someone’s recommendation.    Often they end up at a public shooting range with no training, and then ingrain bad habits from the start.  Even worse, some will just purchase a handgun, buy a box of ammo and place it all in a drawer until they hear that ‘bump’ in the night... Don't w

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