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    Brock's Gap IDPA July Match 7 squads
    Squad 1
    Mike Lunsford
    Susan Wilkerson
    Sam Henderson
    James Wilkerson
    Phillip Knight
    Damon Beasley
    Mykel Storey
    Chris Zowodny
    Donny Hudgins
    Matt Sims
    Gudio Masters
    Logan Williams
    Scott Glanze
    Frank Sweet
    Squad 2
    Charlie Baker
    Benjamin Gottlieb
    Marla French
    Allan Wade
    Gordon Duran
    Jeffery Weibelt
    Madison Upton
    Paul Hedgepath
    Tony Cleckler
    Brett Hamrick
    Chris Davis
    Kimberly Davis
    Robert Pearlman
    Brantley Synco
    Squad 3
    Robert Moore
    David Bertanzetti
    Robbie Nichols
    Jes Deemer
    Kyle Sandlin
    Jason Kyle
    Eric Turrentine
    Jeremy Hamm
    Jose Rodriguez
    Jeremy Smith
    Cory Sapp
    Zac Meadows
    Vance Williamson
    Vince Law
    Squad 4
    Randy Robinson
    Edgar Sanchez
    Sam Williams
    Donald Pearce
    Thomas Pearce
    Adam Cox
    Allison Smith
    Trent Paris
    Jimmy Duke
    John Brannon
    Mike Phillips
    Mark Janich
    Daniel Forsythe
    Brian Byers
    Squad 5
    Audrey Day
    Joe Day
    Slate Boyd
    Doug Holloway
    Michael Roth
    Nathan Mieure
    Josh Carmichael
    Jake Thomas
    Paul Mcallister
    Steve Webb
    Rusty Webb
    Randy Webb
    Michael Evans
    Joe Crain
    Squad 6
    Robert Garrison
    Jay Tomlin
    John Calero
    Chip Whitley
    Hakim Satterfield
    Gregory Evans
    Kyle Brown
    Timothy Parsons
    Mike Hancock
    Eddie Scott
    Joel Smothermon
    Tim Stakely
    Deb Minter
    Squad 7
    Scott Healey
    Jay Maples
    Jonathan Hayes
    Mike Toliver
    Jonathan Wynn
    Shawn Beane
    David Burks
    Charlie Murphy
    Jesse Heath
    Jason Wallace
    Chad Blackmon
    Terry Smith
    Dave Hargett
    Guy Garrison

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