Bradford Action Shooters July 2nd 2017 IDPA Match


Match starts: July 02, 2017 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: July 02, 2017 @ 1:00 PM

Location: Bradford Sportsmen's Club (Cell tower side), 299 Ross Hill RD, Charlestown, RI

Between six and eight stages, depending on conditions.
from 8:15-8:45.
Shooters meeting at 8:45.
First shots at 9:00 AM.
Walk-ons accepted.

IDPA level I match, with the following divisions:



Match Documents

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If you are unsure of your division, choose ESP.
If you are unsure of you classification, choose UN.
Enter your Bradford Sportsmen's Club (BSC) member number. If you are not a BSC member, enter "Guest." Guests will be required to sign the BSC waiver.
Enter your IDPA member number. If you are not a member, enter NA.


Match Range Safety Rules

- Please review and abide by the following match range safety rules to avoid being disqualified from the match before firing your very first shot!

- Failure to comply with these rules will result in match disqualification.

- If you have any questions, please ask a match official.

- Enjoy the match!

Cold Range

- Competitors may NOT carry loaded guns on the range except when under the direct supervision of a match official.

- The “range” is the entire property located at 299 Ross Hill Rd, Charlestown, RI.

- A “loaded gun” is a gun that has ammunition in it, chambered or un-chambered.

- “Ammunition” includes live ammunition, dummy ammunition, snap caps, empty shell cases etc. Anything that appears to be ammunition IS ammunition.

- If you arrive at a match with a loaded gun on your person, you must notify a match official as soon as possible.

- A match official must supervise clearing ammunition from a loaded gun.

Gun Handling

- Gun handling is NOT allowed anywhere on the range EXCEPT in a designated “Safe Area” or under the direct supervision of a match official.

- Guns that are not in a “Safe Area” must be in a closed container or carried in a holster that is attached to a belt that is being worn around the waist.

- Carrying a gun in a holster that is not being worn is NOT allowed.

Ammunition Handling

- Ammunition may be handled anywhere on the range EXCEPT in a designated “Safe Area.”

Safe Area

- A “Safe Area” is a designated area at which unsupervised handling of UNLOADED guns is allowed.

- A “Safe Area” will be marked as such. Do not assume any unmarked table is a “Safe Area”.

- When handling a gun in a “Safe Area,” the muzzle of the gun must always be oriented towards the berm backing the “Safe Area.”

- Handling ammunition is NOT allowed in a “Safe Area.” This includes handling loaded magazines, loaded speed loaders, boxes of ammunition, etc.

- A “Safe Area” may be used to transfer an unloaded gun from a container to a holster and vice versa. 

- A “Safe Area” may be used to dry fire, check function, repair, lubricate, disassemble, etc. an UNLOADED gun and EMPTY magazines.

Dropped Gun

BAS IDPA adopts the same definition of a dropped gun as USPSA, .i.e. a "Dropped Gun" is "(during the course of fire) A condition in which a competitor loses control of their handgun. Loss of control does not require the handgun to land on the ground or other range surface or prop. It occurs anytime the handgun is no longer in control of either hand, even if it is trapped against part of the body or caught in midair.”

Therefore, losing control of a gun during a course of fire, even though it doesn’t touch the ground, is a match DQ.

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