PractiScore was brought up to you my several people working behind the scenes.

Ken Nelson Ken is a long time software entrepreneur and President of NiftyBytes, the developer of PractiScore.

He is also President of the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range, one of the largest and most active ranges in the country. He also leads, with Ron Avery, the Tactical Performance Center, a destination firearms training center.

Ken shoots all kinds of practical shooting – steel, USPSA/IPSC, 3GN, IDPA, and outlaw Multigun. He has been Match Director for multiple Area matches, 2 USPSA Nationals, the Berry’s Steel Open, the Southwest Multigun, and the ever popular Hard as Hell Multi-gun. Ken uses PractiScore EVERY day to run a plethora of matches both at his home range and around the country.

Russell Armstrong Practiscore team iOS developer.

Lifelong shooting enthusiast. US Army veteran. Recent competition shooter. Husband and Father. Stats keeper for many large and small matches including USPSA Area 1, SCSA WSSC, USPSA Nationals, Trijicon World Shoot, Purgatory Flats Hard as Hell Multi-gun, and 3 Gun Nation.

Eugene Kuleshov PractiScore team Android developer since 2012. Volunteer and Canadian. Eugene also created PS Competitor app for Android and iOS.

After trying several shooting sports joined IPSC and been competing in IPSC, USPSA and ICORE ever since across Canada and US. Shot in a Production team representing Canada at 2014 IPSC World Shoot. RO, Stats Officer and Match Director for number of local IPSC Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle matches.

Bryan Williams PractiScore team Web developer.

OIF Veteran 2007-2008. Father of three, and husband to one. Lifetime hunter and recreational shooter.

Several others contributed to the project and we thank  Devin, Dave, Josh and Josh for their contribution to the project!