PractiScore is easy to use.  We STRONGLY encourage you to read the manuals and watch the videos before trying it in a match.  10 minutes spent watching the videos will help immensely.

If you have read the materials and still need help then e-mail [email protected]

Manuals & Tips

  • Match Best Practices

    Here are some things Ken & Russ do at every match they run:

    • Email backups regularly. This is done from the Sync page, Email Match Export.
      A complete, restorable, stage of the match is sent. You just open it on any device with PractiScore on it and you have a clone of that match at that point.  This is a good backup, even if the email never leaves your device. It sits there in your Outbox, useable as a backup.
    • Synch from stage devices to your master at whatever interval you are willing to do a reshoot. At Ken’s local matches he synchs every time a squad moves stages. It is simple, they radio, whoever is MD synchs. That way, if the device is destroyed, stolen, or some other bad thing, the worse is that squad reshoots.  At major matches he synchs about every 3 to 4 shooters per stage. That is done from the stats shack because we have range WiFi.

      This however, must be paired with the next best practice…

    • NEVER EVER EVER synch scores to stage devices

      We have a two step synch process that separates match data (registration, stages, penalties, bonuses, divisions, classes) from scores. You can synch match data to clients that our out with squads or stages. This is needed, sometimes to move shooters around, or clean up mistakes in building stages or change registration information.

      We synch scores to the master tablet(s). And match/reg data to the clients, but never scores to the clients. This way, any errors are limited to whatever stage they happened on.

    • Always have at least 1 iOS device, and at least 1 Android device. This means that bugs or issues related to a particular platform can be worked around, because bugs rarely exist in both.
    • At bigger matches we use two masters. We synch from the clients to an interim master. And then to a final master that never leaves the stats shack. Why?  Redundancy.  It also lets us make changes, verify they are right, but still have an easy way to recover.
    • Our scoring network is secure and we do not hand out the password to anybody. We trust people not to be nefarious, but we don’t trust them not to be stupid. Only devices we specifically are using in the match are on the network.
  • Manual - updated Jan 31, 201

    The manual has not been maintained so it will be inaccurate for some screens. But we leave it up because it is a decent read on using PractiScore.  We will not be writing a new one, PractiScore is pretty obvious to use. Instead we are moving to a larger FAQ / process tips guide. Eventually this manual will be removed.

  • PractiScore For Scorekeepers

    What to do if you are handed an iPod and told “score”. Quick 5 Minute Powerpoint Presentation. Thanks to Andrew Smithson for sharing this.


What is PractiScore?

PractiScore is a complete Practical Shooting match scoring system running on mobile phones and tablets.  Using PractiScore you can build stages in a match, register shooters, enter scores and calculate match results, all on the mobile.  Additionally, because PractiScore shares data with other mobiles, you can have multiple squads scoring at the same time and it all works just fine.    PractiScore can run a match solo, or it can act as a data entry tool for ezWinScore – much like the Palm systems did historically.  Which to use is your call.

PractiScore supports USPSA, IPSC, 3GN, IDPA, Time-Plus,, Time-Plus w/ Points scoring, You can configure any set of penalties/bonuses to implement your preferred scoring system

Additionally, PractiScore offers 1 button activity report generation for USPSA and 3GN. And one button posting of match results, free, to

PractiScore  has been used to score the largest matches in the country, providing results minutes after last shots. But it’s biggest aid is to you, the club stats person, who no longer needs to enter hundreds of scores hours into the evening after the match.

What does it run on?

iPhone. iPad. iPad Mini. iPod Touch.  They need to run iOS 5.0 or later.

Android 2.4 or later. Has not been tested on every Android device, so please let us know if you have issues.

Nook if rooted – we recommend

How correct is PractiScore?

It follow the rules, exactly. All scores are calculated to .0000 (4 decimal places). Additionally, we’ve tested on historical match data and PractiScore’s results match ezWinScore’s results EXACTLY.
If you find an issue with it, let us know as we are committed to having it be 100% accurate in all situations.

Do you need Internet?

No!  It doesn’t require Internet, or range-wide Wifi. If available, it can take advantage of them for cool features like backups and emailed notification of scores. But it isn’t required!

What gear do you recommend?

Bare Necessities:

  • Num Stages + 1 backup + 1 master quantity  of tablets, they can be a mix of any we support (iOs or Android)
  • A WiFi router (any decent Netgear, Apple, or Belkin, etc…). This can be powered by battery or car inverter if your range doesn’t have power.
  • Charger/cables for tablets

Luxury Items (nice but not needed)

  • Weather proof cases (gallon baggies work in a pinch) – buy in bulk on eBay
  • Styluses (for fat fingers or cold weather gloves) – buy in bulk on eBay or Amazon
  • USB batteries (5000 mAmps or bigger)
  • range wide wifi
  • internet

What tablets do you recommend?

This depends on budget available.. generally the more you spend the happier you will be, the longer the battery life, and the longer life you will see. I have an iPad Gen 1 that is still happily scoring matches, while several “cheaper” Androids have bit the dust.

Recommended as of Feb 2014:

  •  Master tablet. The stats officer, or MD, keeps this. It is used to register, build matches, make global match changes, synch, and generate results. I recommend this be big, and high quality. An iPad 2 or later, or a Samsung Galaxy are good choices.  Note that PractiScore doesn’t have a “master” mode, all devices are equal, a “master” is a role.
  • Scoring Tablet. This is used to score! It stays on a stage, or rolls with the squad. It can be pretty much anything that runs PractiScore. Ipad Minis are great. 7″ tablets from Samsung and Google work well.  Simple Nooks from Barnes and Noble are popular but requre rooting ( )

So what do you do if you don’t have money for all this? It’s simple, buy a master and borrow scoring devices. A squad of 10 people will easily own 6 or 7 tablets that will work. Borrow, and just promise to replace if damaged (I’ve never heard of it happening).

A word on using phones… it works. But it can lead to embarrassments of pics or texts being seen by others.


Security is really usually two questions:

How safe are scores from tampering?   and  How safe are scores from loss?


We strongly recommend a secure network with only match scoring devices on it. Also, make sure your range/stats officers maintain physical control of devices during downtime. Scores are logged each edit. So if you see edited scores that particularly have a large time gap, investigate. Each stage section of PractiScore has an area for investigating edited scores.  Additionally if your WiFi provides Internet, turn on cloud logging, which logs all sores to

Device Loss…

  • Use good cases. Like Griffen Defender or similar.
  • Maintain physical control (to avoid theft or misplacement)
  • Ensure your staff know what to do with scoring devices at lunch and end of
  • If you have Internet turn on cloud logging
  • If no internet have a synch plan that synchs often enough so that if loss occurs you know the max number of reshoots you will absorb (for instance one squad, 15 minutes (5 shooters), so forth. At club matches I synch every stage change (so one squad).
  • Email yourself backups (use the Synch->Match Export menu)

I’ve personally never lost a score in PractiScore. It has happened in very early days (2012) on Android if a phone call occured, or if the device slept mid scoring. But now virtually everything is saved as it changes. Follow the ideas above, you’ll be fine.

USPSA Activity Reports

PractiScore generates them, you do not need ezWinScore. Do this with one button click from the View Results page.

Ooops... I have to fix a stage after scoring has started

Oops.. I have to fix a stage after scoring has started

Changing Stage Designs After Scoring has Started

So what happens when you find a problem with a stage, either the physical stage or the stage definition in PractiScore, after scoring has started?

Examples include, forgetting an No Penalty Mike count on a disappearing target.  Forgetting a target, or having an extra target. And forgetting shot count.

Or as happened to me this weekend, forgetting a stage was a par time stage.

The general rules on this:

– you make the same changes on all devices in the match. This could be done with a sync, or it could be done manually doing the same edits.

– if you remove a target, no worries, the scored extra targets are ignored.

– if you ADD a target or shot count, then any scores for that stages that have been scored will be incomplete. A reshoot, or a good memory are then in order.

– You can adjust NPM counts after targets are scored. However, Mikes will not be moved into the NPM colum. You have to do that by hand.

An easy way to do this is to look at results, for those with penalties, and then find them in the All Shooters Squad and correct them.

– you can change scoring method between Comstock, Virginia, and Fixed Time without problem.  If moving to fixed time just the points shot minus penalties are calculated.


I’ve never had a problem doing it, but I wouldn’t want to find one and not have a backup to recover from.

Using Nooks...

It’s very simple… go here:

This will Root your Nook, put PractiScore’s latest version on it, plus some handy tools for working with PractiScore.

This is what we recommend if you are going to use Nooks.

I still want to use paper scoresheets

No problem!  Continue as you are now. Only get a tablet, a decent one like an iPad or iPad Mini (even Gen 2 are fine).

  1. Create the match, stages, register shooters
  2. Pair all the stages (it’s an option when you create a stage). This lets you enter all stages for a single shooter (just like ezWs)
  3. Order your scoresheets by shooter & stage (e.g. Ken Nelson: stage 1, 2, 3, 4)
  4. Enter scores

For bonus speed and extra credit… do it on MORE THAN ONE tablet at the same time. Synch at end. Done (only faster).