PractiScore for Android (1.5.5)

PractiScore app for Android (1.5.5) is released and available for download from PractiScore web site. It is also posted to Google Play and Amazon app stores and will be available there once approved. Please show your support by rating us on Google Play and Amazon app stores and adding review.

This release has fixes for issues reported by users and by automated crash reporting system and a few notable changes. Removed obsolete export to EzWS, added support for Stage DQ for TimePlus and TimePlus/Points matches (including SASS Cowboy and Wild Bunch), added PS club id lookup when posting results.

If you find any issues or have any other feedback, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Our contributors provided translations for Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Polish, Finnish and Norwegian app localisations. We still need help to finish French, Italian, and German languages, please help us to make PractiScore speak your language.

Here is the change log for this release:

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed posting match series results to PractiScore web site
  • Fixed team results calculation
  • Fixed saving of shooter categories
  • Improved application startup time
  • Improved stage image selection
  • Updated match templates
  • Updated registration spreadsheet export to include categories, checkins, team and country code
  • Added PS club id lookup when posting results
  • Added shooter editing history
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added option to merge shooters when combining matches
  • Removed obsolete export to EzWS
  • IDPA show single-stage classification results
  • TimePlus, TimePlus Points added support for SDQ
  • SASS show number of misses in stage results
  • SASS added rules for match and stage DQs