PractiScore Competitor for iOS (1.0.8)

PractiScore Competitor app for iOS (1.0.8) is released and available from iOS App Store. This update fixes several minor issues, as well as adds an “Projected” results mode for IPSC/USPSA previously available in the PractiScore Competitor app for Android.

When “Projected” is enabled from the main menu, results are sorted by the current match points + available points. It allows to estimate how competitors rank against each other in on-going match, even when they shot different stages. But take it with a grain of salt.

This release also brings matching search and filtering options. You can search/filter by name, division,category, class, country code, team name,  and squad. this works in PractiScore for Android (iOS support is being added) and PractiScore Competitor for Android and iOS. See this page for more details.

Here is the change log for this release:

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed “By Division” switch
  • All reports for combined results calculated as per divisions selected for combining
  • Added filter/search by class, category, squad, team and country code
  • Added “Undo Edits” action for shooter entry on comparison screen
  • IPSC/USPSA fixed issue with assessing Mike time in time-only mode
  • IPSC/USPSA added support for Projected results

Practiscore Competitor for Android (1.1.18) is also released with several matching fixes.