PractiScore Competitor for iOS 1.0.7 (9)

PractiScore Competitor app for iOS has 1.0.7 (9) is submitted to Apple app store and will be available there once approved.

This update brings most of the Android app features for IPSC/USPSA matches into the iOS app. More specifically, you can select divisions for “Combined” results and also see stage images and briefings when available with the match results, as well as play with “whatif” or simply enter your scores during the match to see your progress.

This all improves experience with viewing results of the IPSC Handgun World Shoot in France.

Here is the change log for this release:

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed editing shooter division when match has no divisions defined
  • Option to select which divisions to combine
  • Better tabs for selecting divisions
  • Added support for stage diagram images
  • Show stage briefing when tap on stage image

PractiScore Competitor app for Android 1.1.5 also been released and available from the Google Play.