PractiScore Competitor for Android (1.1.21)

PractiScore Competitor app for Android (1.1.21) is released and available from Google Play.

This update fixes issues reported by automatic crash reporting system and also adds several cool new features.

We had instant classification for IDPA matches and Steel Challenge stages and with release classification percentage is also shown for all USPSA classifier stages. Now you can immediately see your classification percentage for classifier stages you just shot and for the stages you’ve shot in the past.

Second HUUUUGE feature for IPSC and USPSA matches is additional info shown for incomplete stages. Now you can see the current time-to win a given stage, as well as time-cost forC, D and M dropped points. These calculations are based on the current best Hit Factor for that stage. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Finally, when pulling match results updates from the PractiScore web site for IPSC/USPSA and IDPA matches, the PractiScore Competitor app also checks submitted score logs (the ones you get notified on in the Matchbook app) and it uses that information to update the match and stage standings, even when results hasn’t been posted yet to the web site. So, you can get most up to date results for ongoing matches


PS: the PractiScore Competitor for iOS 1.0.9 with all above features also been submitted to Apple store and it is waiting for review.

PPS: support for submitting Score Logs from Android app is also being worked on. Stay tuned!