FREE match scoring apps for iOS and Android devices

PractiScore apps is a FREE and complete Practical Shooting match scoring system running on mobile phones and tablets. Using PractiScore you can build stages in a match, register shooters, enter scores and calculate match results, all on the mobile not requiring any web site to manage matches.  Additionally, because PractiScore shares data with other mobiles, you can have multiple squads scoring at the same time and it all works just fine.  It doesn’t require Internet, or range-wide Wifi!

Android App

Version 1.4.14 (September 10, 2017)

NOTE: PractiScore runs on Android 2.1 and newer. You can see complete change log at the App Info page.

Click the logo of your preferred appstore to download onto your device:

Or install on your Android device via side-loading by downloading the installation APK:

(you may need to permit “non market apps”.)

On Nook you need to copy downloaded .apk file into device (e.g. using an USB link to PC or and SD card). Then find copied .apk file using file manager on Nook device and tap on the file to install updated app. See the these videos for more details.

PractiScore Competitor App

We built this app specifically for competitors to make it easier to view and compare match results, and to analyze competitor performance at USPSA, IPSC, 3Gun, Steel Challenge, IDPA, ICORE, PRS and ProAm matches.

  • Search and download results posted at
  • Sync over WiFi during match from scoring devices running PractiScore app
  • View and compare multiple competitors side by side
  • Dig into every details of the match performance

Android Version 1.1.18 (September 10, 2017)
iOS Version 1.0.8 (1) (September 15, 2017)

PractiScore Matchbook App

Matchbook is part of the PractiScore family of apps. Get notified of everything happening at your next competitive shooting event.

Practiscore Matchbook provides:

  • Instant notification of your scores
  • Match Director notifications straight to your pocket
  • Track your friends and competitors in real time
  • Quick and easy access to all match documents and stage diagrams

And best of all, it’s Free!

iOS App (Apple)

Version 1.688 (20 April 2017)

Export report for NSSF scholastic scoring.
Fix for a bug in PRS due to changing the data backend for scores. Caused incomplete scores to become complete before being approved. The change requires approval to “complete” a score.
Improved speed for score entry caused by disk write lag on huge matches.
Got rid of the number hud on +/- UI element.
Added 2 new ICORE classifiers.
Added Last Seen and Last Sync times to device sync screen.
Improved color schemes on review screens for daylight visibility.
General improvements and fixes.

PractiScore Exporter

The PractiScore Team has released PractiScore exporter V1.0.1. This windows only software will allow you to export EzWinScore data from the device (iOS and Android) to C:/Practiscore. The methods that are provided are an auto-detect that will detect your device from the same network. The other option is to enter the sync code found on the device.

PractiScore Competitor for iOS (1.0.8)

PractiScore Competitor app for iOS (1.0.8) is released and available from iOS App Store. This update fixes several minor issues, as well as adds an “Projected” results mode for IPSC/USPSA previously available in the PractiScore Competitor app for Android. When “Projected” is enabled from the main menu, results are sorted by the current match points […]

PractiScore for Android (1.4.14)

PractiScore app for Android (1.4.14) is released and available for download from PractiScore web site. It is also posted to Google Play and Amazon app stores and will be available there once approved. This release has fixes for issues reported by automated crash reporting system and our users. If you find any issues or have […]

PractiScore Competitor for Android (1.1.16)

PractiScore Competitor app for Android (1.1.14) is released and available from Google Play. This update fixes several minor issues, as well as adds an experimental “Projected” results mode for IPSC/USPSA. When “Projected” is enabled from the main menu, results are sorted by the current match points + available points. It allows to estimate how competitors rank […]