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Android version 1.5.7

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practiscore-1.5.7.apk (updated April 15, 2018)

Download it by clicking, in your phone or tablet browser, on the APK link above. You may need to enable non-market apps first. See this page for info on that.

Please send us any and all feedback to [email protected].

NOTE: PractiScore runs on Android 2.1 and newer.

ChangeLog (1.5.7) April 15, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system

ChangeLog (1.5.5) April 13, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed posting match series results to PractiScore web site
  • Fixed team results calculation
  • Fixed saving of shooter categories
  • Improved application startup time
  • Improved stage image selection
  • Updated match templates
  • Updated registration spreadsheet export to include categories, checkins, team and country code
  • Added PS club id lookup when posting results
  • Added shooter editing history
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added option to merge shooters when combining matches
  • Removed obsolete export to EzWS
  • IDPA show single-stage classification results
  • TimePlus, TimePlus Points added support for SDQ
  • SASS show number of misses in stage results
  • SASS added rules for match and stage DQs

ChangeLog (1.5.4) February 27, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed writing of local score logs to a removable SD card
  • Fix for uploading match results to PractiScore web site
  • Reset secure match settings when match is cloned
  • Update History action on the Match List screen now erases local shooter’s cache and fills it in with shooters from selected matches
  • IDPA added Carry Optics division into default match templates
  • UML updated match templates

ChangeLog (1.5.3) February 9, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed encoding of the stage briefing preview
  • Added search on new match template/type list screen
  • Added text-to-speech to the stage briefing screen
  • Custom “checkins” added to the search filters
  • Negative search filters prefixed with “!” or “not”
  • NRA editing match targets
  • ProAm, NRA fixed editing negative target field values
  • Steel Challenge, ICORE, IDPA, TimePlus, TimePlus PointsPer added support for per-stage penalties and bonuses

ChangeLog (1.5.2) January 31, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Custom “checkins” (checked in, paid, staff, etc)
  • IPSC WinMSS export updates for Production Optics, Mini-Rifle and ActionAir

ChangeLog (1.5.1) January 10, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed issue with auto-share/print of review results upon Approve when review signature is enabled
  • IDPA added missing PCC classifier stage
  • SASS fixed issue with list of aliases when editing alias field
  • SASS show list of aliases when editing shooter alias field

ChangeLog (1.5) January 10, 2018

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed saving of the stage squad rotation
  • Improved application start time
  • Option in the match settings to set automatically Share/Print review results on Approve
  • When local score log is enabled, same folder is also used for Backup files
  • Any match can be used as a custom match template
  • Show briefings for all classifier stages when no briefing is entered
  • ProAm match type and variants initial support
  • NRA match type and variants initial support
  • Chrono stages initial support
  • USPSA fixed diagram for classifier 09-10
  • ICORE added classifiers CS-043, CS-044, CS-045, CS-046, CS-047, CS-048, CS-049
  • IPSC the Member# field is exported into “ics alias” in WinMSS
  • IDPA added new classifier stages

ChangeLog (1.4.15) October 14, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed discrepancies for the shown number of score edits
  • Setting country code for multiple selected shooters
  • Added noemail, nophone, nomemberid, nosquad, nocountry filters
  • Added warn, apen and dnf filters on shooters screens
  • Added search to the Notifications screen
  • Added support for PDF stage diagrams
  • Downloading stage diagrams if configured for Matchbook on PIN# import
  • Rearranging stage order while match is in Creation Mode
  • ICORE fixed issue with fixed time scoring
  • IPSC/USPSA show warnings and additional penalties in the shooter list
  • USPSA and Steel Challenge show classifier % on review scores screen
  • IPSC fixed issue with exporting to WinMSS when stage has no scores

ChangeLog (1.4.14) September 10, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Team results are grouped by category
  • IPSC fixed export to WinMSS when some stages are deleted

ChangeLog (1.4.13) August 20, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Tweaked stage names with repeated prefixes

ChangeLog (1.4.12) August 17, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed crash when reassigning scores
  • When importing from CSV, the membership number header uses match type/subtype, e.g. icore, nssf, etc

ChangeLog (1.4.11) August 8, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed issue with null app version on app start
  • Fixed crash when locking Unsquadded squad
  • Fixed editing classes and categories
  • Reset score after moving it to another shooter or stage
  • Don’t add incomplete scores to history when scoring multiple locked stages
  • Record where score was moved from and show on review screen
  • Added confirmation when reassigning score to another shooter or stage
  • Assign team to selected shooters from the shooter list screen
  • Added note on editing penalties/bonuses when match is in scoring mode
  • Added note on syncing scores when stages or squads are locked
  • PRS fixed number of strings to match iOS
  • PRS fixed crash when deleting targets
  • PRS fixed issue when syncing with iOS
  • IPSC made warnings more discoverable
  • IPSC/USPSA issue on Nook with moving to the next string when scoring
  • IPSC/USPSA added sub-minor Power Factor
  • Steel Challenge fixed issue with team results

ChangeLog (1.4.10) July 3, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed category and class results reports

ChangeLog (1.4.9) June 28, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed search in the match list
  • Search/filter by division, category, team, region, dqed, deleted and walkin on the shooter list screen
  • PRS fixed posting of the match results
  • PRS fixed deleting targets when editing stage
  • SSAA fixed target scoring and relaxed PF restrictions for divisions
  • TimePlus Points fixed issue with results with incomplete stages
  • IPSC/USPSA fixed editing results in a single-target mode

ChangeLog (1.4.8) June 5, 2017

  • Added quick sync action to scoring stage list and squad list screens
  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed values loaded from the match template when creating new match
  • Fixed un-DQed shooter scores summary
  • Fixed saving of default DNF rule
  • Improved visibility of DQs and DNF details in scores history
  • Showing scores history for DQed shooters
  • IPSC/USPSA improved warnings for unrealistic stage time
  • PRS implemented skills stage tie breaker for overal results
  • SSAA match template and support for special target and Small Pistol power factor

ChangeLog (1.4.7) April 17, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Added support DNF reasons/rules
  • IPSC Updated rules for 2017
  • ICORE fixed number of targets for CS-022 classifier
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed issue with DNF scores
  • USPSA/IPSC added DNF rules
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed scrolling on Nook when there are more than one stage locked to device
  • IDPA fixed default value for IDPA PDs for steel miss

ChangeLog (1.4.5) April 6, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • TimePlus Points fixed issue with results calculation when there are incomplete scores
  • Tournament/League fixed TimePlus match series and added support for grouping by percentage

ChangeLog (1.4.4) March 29, 2017

  • Automatically open signature screen on Approve when signature is enabled
  • IPSC fixed category reports

ChangeLog (1.4.3) March 16, 2017

  • Added Finnish translation
  • Fixed crash on the new shooter editing screen
  • Increased timeouts when posting match results
  • IDPA fixed issue with penalties when downloading registration with pin#
  • IPSC/USPSA fixed syncing stage changes when number of targets changed
  • USPSA, Steel Challenge fixed updating classification on Nook Simple Touch

ChangeLog (1.4.2) March 12, 2017

  • Added South America Spanish and Norwegian Bokmal translations
  • Removing DNF flag when saving entered scores
  • Support for mixed tournament/series results
  • Fixed shooter completion by member#
  • IPSC fixed export of Rifle matches to WinMSS
  • IPSC updated category report to match WinMSS
  • PRS fixed issue with target editing screen scrolling
  • PRS fixed issue with all misses scores not saved
  • ICORE added new classifier stages

ChangeLog (1.4.1) February 10, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Removed time-related warnings for DQ and DNF
  • PRS fixed scoring init for shots limited
  • PRS fixed issue with required time
  • PRS fixed several stage editor issues

ChangeLog (1.4.0) February 2, 2017

  • First cut of the PRS math support
  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed issue with scored shooter status after syncing
  • IDPA export all match penalties to RangeLog

ChangeLog (1.3.32) January 25, 2017

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed issue on Nook devices preventing downloading registration and posting results
  • Fixed issue with syncing with iOS app

ChangeLog (1.3.31) January 17, 2017

  • Match type selection screen is shown when creating new match
  • Added “warn” flag to penalties/bonuses to generate automatic Notifications when penalty/bonus is used
  • Added info hint for the stage squad rotation feature
  • IDPA updated match template and classifiers
  • IDPA updated export to IDPA/RangeLog

ChangeLog (1.3.30) December 20, 2016

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixed saving scores for IDPA, ICORE, SC and RawPoints
  • Sort matches in series results by match date

ChangeLog (1.3.29) December 14, 2016

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system

ChangeLog (1.3.28) December 13, 2016

  • Fixed crash when multiple squads are locked to device
  • Fixed deleting shooters marked as deleted in the match creation mode
  • Fixed issue with synced scores when only accepting match changes
  • Fixed issues with image sync from iOS
  • Don’t rotate squads when sorted by time or HF
  • Added Slovak translation
  • Added random sort order option at shooters/squadding screen
  • SASS sort competitor by alias
  • IPSC/USPSA improved warnings for unrealistic stage time
  • IPSC ignore non-standard categories when exporting to WinMSS
  • IPSC support for Grand Tournament
  • IPSC fixed export to WinMSS for steel-only stages
  • IPSC added export classes to WinMSS

ChangeLog (1.3.27) November 16, 2016

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Improved syncing match configuration (level, security, teams, etc.)
  • Improved syncing updated stage images
  • Improved discoverability for update/sync shooters from squad list screen

ChangeLog (1.3.26) November 15, 2016

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Added action to update/sync shooters from squad list screen
  • Fixed issue with showing times on the squad list screen
  • TimePlus SASS added support for aliases

ChangeLog (1.3.25) November 10, 2016

  • Added per-stage setting for squad rotation
  • Fixed sending results review with SMS app
  • TimePlus Points option with best time to be used as a stage points value
  • SASS added match template
  • ICORE fixed stage results formatting

ChangeLog (1.3.24) October 20, 2016

  • Option to import into a current match when importing registration with pin# from
  • Improvements for generating Tournament/League results
  • ICORE fixed issue with editing stage targets
  • IPSC/USPSA, TimePlus Points show custom categories in match results reports

ChangeLog (1.3.23) October 13, 2016

  • Added search by match name and type on the match list screen
  • Added search by shooter name on the move shooter screen
  • Match subtype field in editable on the match editing screen
  • 3GN added briefings and diagrams for classifier stages
  • IPSC fixed issue when exporting to WinMSS

ChangeLog (1.3.22) October 4, 2016

  • Stage images is not shown on briefing preview when editing stage
  • Show new/updated images in the sync summary before accepting changes
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed issue when opening match results view
  • Steel Challenge corrected stage briefings

ChangeLog (1.3.21) October 3, 2016

  • Added support for stage briefing
  • Added experimental stage diagrams
  • Added briefings and stage diagrams for IPSC, USPSA, SteelChallenge, IDPA and ICORE classifiers
  • Fixed new match date issue when cloning match
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed Detailed Review stage results
  • IPSC added Mini Rifle match template
  • IPSC added Action Air match template
  • IPSC added warnings on common issues when exporting to WinMSS

ChangeLog (1.3.20) September 7, 2016

  • Completed Spanish translation
  • Updated match results link to web site
  • USPSA/IPSC combine multiple matches into one

ChangeLog (1.3.19) August 24, 2016

  • Completed Russian translation
  • Fixed issue with syncing number of targets for IDPA when stage added after scoring is started
  • Fixed several issues and improved error reporting in CSV import
  • Disabled adding walk-ins on device by default. Can be re-enabled in match settings on individual devices
  • ICORE, Steel Challenge fixed total time on edit/review screen when max stage time is not set
  • IPSC export of the teams into WinMSS

ChangeLog (1.3.18) August 12, 2016

  • Fixed issue with syncing scores history
  • Added support for linking match results to clubs by PS ID
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed issue with sorting stage results
  • USPSA/IPSC option post review only to
  • USPSA/IPSC improved scores review presentation
  • USPSA fixed editing stage scoring type
  • USPSA PCC set as Minor only

ChangeLog (1.3.17) August 5, 2016

  • Fixed issue with syncing scores for newly added stage
  • USPSA and Steel Challenge fixes for classification update
  • USPSA/IPSC added scores verification report
  • IDPA fixed editing match Points Down value
  • TimePlus, TimePlus Points fixed editing stage scoring type
  • TimePlus, TimePlus Points fixed Review

ChangeLog (1.3.16) July 29, 2016

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system

ChangeLog (1.3.15) July 27, 2016

  • Improved re-randomizer for random sorting
  • Fixed issue with syncing DQ details
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed issue when syncing warnings
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed issue when posting results with deleted stages
  • Steel Challenge classification download

ChangeLog (1.3.14) June 6, 2016

  • Don’t copy scores when accepting new match changes on sync
  • Improved population of procedurals and DQs for importing using pin#
  • Sort by name or by last modified on the file selection screen
  • Fixed issue with syncing/merging match results with signatures
  • USPSA/IPSC added notification when additional penalty is added, removed or updated
  • IDPA fixed RangeLog export issue when match has deleted stages
  • IDPA added Finger penalty
  • ISSA match template
  • USARMS match template

ChangeLog (1.3.13) April 25, 2016

  • Fixed issues reported by automatic crash reporting system
  • Don’t copy scores when accepting new match stage
  • Edit match date when cloning a match

ChangeLog (1.3.12) April 18, 2016

  • Exit without saving on unchanged score

ChangeLog (1.3.11) April 14, 2016

  • DNF and undo DNF are added to Notification view
  • Results printing on Android 4.4+
  • Show last squad score time in squad lists
  • (Experimental) Shooter and RO signatures on Review screen
  • ICORE added classes to the match template
  • ICORE added Limited 6 division
  • IDPA stage results
  • USPSA added new divisions

ChangeLog (1.3.10) February 8, 2016

  • Fixed several issues reported by automatic crash reporting system

ChangeLog (1.3.9) February 7, 2016

  • Improved startup time
  • Team results
  • Protected match editing
  • Stages can be set to have zero strings (0000516)
  • Locking some stages causes crash (0000517)
  • IPSC/USPSA additional checks for Minor-only divisions
  • IDPA show bonuses on the scoring screen
  • IDPA most accurate report
  • IDPA changing target count doesn’t work (0000513)
  • IDPA fixed crash when scoring stage with no paper targets
  • Steel Challenge fixed crash when scoring stage with one string

ChangeLog (1.3.8) December 18, 2015

  • Fixed issue with syncing or switching to match without scores

ChangeLog (1.3.7) December 13, 2015

  • Fixed issue with syncing scores
  • Editing divisions
  • Select all class/division/squad in the shooter list
  • Only show tabs for the locked stages
  • Slow sync without Internet connection
  • Better error reporting when updating app on Nook
  • TimePlus/TimePlusPoints fixed restoring new match configuration from history
  • IDPA keypad Next button to move cursor to the next field
  • USPSA safeguard for incorrect data in classification update file
  • IPSC set default region when exporting to WinMSS
  • Steel Challenge increased max strings to 9 (0000509)

ChangeLog (1.3.6) November 3, 2015

  • Fixed multi-stage review screen UI on tablets
  • USPSA classification update for unknown divisions
  • IDPA added classifier match template

ChangeLog (1.3.5) October 29, 2015

  • Fixed crash on exiting from the file selection screen
  • Fixed scores history issue when merging walk-in shooters
  • Slow sync without Internet connection
  • Steel Challenge order of strings changes on tied time
  • IPSC fixed ussue with steel NS when exporting to WinMSS

ChangeLog (1.3.4) October 27, 2015

  • Fixed issue with editing match name
  • Fixed issues related to soft-deleted stages
  • Fixed issue with posting results from Nooks
  • Performance optimization for generating match results
  • USPSA Minor only PF for Carry Optics

ChangeLog (1.3.2) October 20, 2015

  • Fixed issue with rounding time in the match results
  • Fixed issue with setting match password and submitting scores
  • IDPA allow up to 9 strings per stage
  • IDPA allow to configure Points Down penalty value
  • USPSA fixed issue with showing B hits on review screen
  • USPSA updated official division names in the new match template
  • USPSA fixed classification update
  • USPSA fixed export of registration to EZWS
  • IPSC/USPSA quick switch between multiple locked stages when scoring
  • IPSC/USPSA DQ rules
  • IPSC/USPSA fixed issue with Min PF in PROD division
  • IPSC/USPSA fixed issue with showing B hits on review screen

ChangeLog (1.3.1) September 23, 2015

  • Soft-delete for stages
  • Steel Challenge issue with number of strings over 6
  • IDPA added CCP division into default match template
  • USPSA/IPSC notifications for warnings and DQs
  • USPSA/IPSC fixed issue with procedurals in matches created before 1.3

ChangeLog (1.3) September 23, 2015

  • ICORE initial implementation
  • Keep cloned match editable
  • Export action on the main app screen
  • Fixed a rare crash when sorting shooter by HF
  • Importing a match shouldn’t overwrite existing match without prompting first (0000088)
  • Merge scores for duplicated stages
  • Show match names for Backup folders in file browser
  • Assign categories to multiple selected shooters
  • Performance improvements when generating match results
  • Support for the new PractiScore match results web site
  • Fixed issues with syncing changed categories
  • USPSA/IPSC stage procedurals and warnings
  • USPSA/IPSC issue with syncing Fixed Time stage targets from iOS
  • USPSA/IPSC support disappearing steel targets (0000420)
  • USPSA/IPSC No-shoots on steel-only stage (0000418)
  • IPSC better detection of match type and divisions when exporting to WinMSS
  • Steel Challenge OPN division keeps changing to OPEN (0000477)
  • Steel Challenge show stage results in the match results
  • Steel Challenge configuration for max stage time and worst string
  • TimePlus fixed issue with editing number of strings for stage
  • TimePlus/Points new Match Points stage scoring type
  • IDPA fixed RangeLog export issue with incomplete scores

ChangeLog (1.2.30) June 9, 2015

  • Several stability fixes
  • USPSA Fixed several issues with results and scores posted to PractiScore web site

ChangeLog (1.2.29) June 3, 2015

  • Fixed issue with generating USPSA category results and several more issues reported by automated crash reporting system

ChangeLog (1.2.28) June 1, 2015

  • Lock selected squads on scoring devices
  • Added stage name to the local text score log
  • Added score recovery when application or device crashes in the middle of the scoring
  • Added clone match action
  • Fixed review scores layouts on small screens
  • Fixed issue with syncing targets after scores were reset
  • Fixed generating match results with division names containing slashes
  • Fixed issue with emailing results on Nook
  • Fixes for match pin# import and duplicated imports from csv
  • More fixes for out of memory issues with large matches
  • Sort shooters in reassign scores dialog by last name
  • Group operations for changing shooter divisions and classes
  • Steel Challenge Fixed issue with generated and posted results
  • TimePlus Maximum final stage time setting (0000457)
  • TimePlus and USPSA ‘Done’ button does not dismiss keypad after entering time (0000474)
  • Steel Challenge Tie breaker for a stage
  • IPSC Fixed issue in WinMSS export of Rifle matches

ChangeLog (1.2.27) April 16, 2015

  • Reassign to shooter dialog showed deleted shooters
  • Share action on scores review screen for all match types
  • NFC cards support (Nexus, ASUS MeMo Pad 8, etc)
  • Lock selected stages on scoring devices
  • Save text score log to local folder or SD card
  • Make match data backup upon major match changes (sync, import, etc.)
  • Several fixes for wifi sync screen UI
  • Added option to set automatic decimal point when entering stage time
  • Fixed importing custom categories from CSV
  • Fixed issue with non-English names in html match results
  • Fixed out of memory issue on Kindle Fire with large matches
  • Timeplus Performance improvements for match results generation
  • IDPA Fixed wrong order of columns in the RangeLog export
  • IDPA Scoring screen layout UI fixes
  • IDPA New divisions added to default match template
  • USPSA Fixed issue with Fixed Time classifier stages and NPMs
  • Steel Challenge Fixed issue with restoring penalties when editing previously scored stage

ChangeLog (1.2.26) January 26, 2015

  • Fixed generation of division results posted to
  • Fixed issue with long DNS timeouts without Internet connection on Nook devices (0000456)
  • Fixed crash when reassigning scores to another shooter
  • Fixed several cases of missing scores history sync
  • Fixed bug in retrieving match by pin#
  • Fixed squad number when creating new walk-on from history
  • Added stage stats dialog to scoring screens
  • Next competitors are shown in the stats dialog

ChangeLog (1.2.25)

  • Sort by squad number shows sub-headers with squad size
  • Delete/undelete and assign to squad multiple shooters
  • Fixed an out of memory error when posting very large match results to
  • New and faster implementation of device scanner
  • Added filter for devices with non-current match and non-selected
  • Fixed issue with syncing multiple devices at once
  • Fixed issue with syncing deleted shooters (0000364)
  • Workaround for missing penalties after PIN import (0000434)
  • Editable shooter’s categories to replace age, gender and other hardcoded categories (0000233)
  • Removed restriction on shooter’s phone number to better interoperate with ios app
  • Added template for NSSF Steel match
  • Improved error handling for IDPA RangeLog export

ChangeLog (1.2.24)

  • Fixed broken “Add Classifier” action
  • USPSA Added TTS support for Scoring and Review screens
  • Timeplus and IDPA Export to RangeLog exports all divisions

ChangeLog (1.2.23)

  • Can’t edit multiple time strings (0000425)
  • Can’t change match name once it’s built (0000426)
  • Default USPSA match template wasn’t loaded when new match is created
  • Issue with editing Penalties/Bonuses (0000430)
  • No Stages Defined Warning (0000424)
  • USPSA Steel only Fixed Time stage not saved when no mikes on steel
  • Sync acknowledgment for scores (0000428)
  • IDPA Missed Steel doesn’t show PD on match results (0000427)
  • IDPA Sync issue for number of targets (0000414)
  • Steel Challenge Fixed the default match/stages template
  • Steel Challenge Added blank match template without default stages

ChangeLog (1.2.22)

  • Discovered match devices are saved per-match (no automatic refresh!)
  • Pull from multiple devices on device sync screen
  • Default match templates for IPSC, IDPA and Steel Challenge
  • Shooter modified and stage modified warnings need details (0000079)
  • Sort list of discovered devices on sync screen (0000330)
  • Unable to change club code once set (0000417)
  • USPSA No distinction for Classic Targets (0000312)
  • USPSA Reversed M and NS columns on target scoring page (0000082)
  • Steel Challenge Can not Parse Scores After Reassigning and Clearing Score (0000421)

ChangeLog (1.2.21)

  • IDPA Fixed crash on review screen (0000410)

ChangeLog (1.2.19)

  • Score history recording, sync and updated score review UI
  • Replaced list “tap and hold” actions with visible menu icons
  • Squad number count (0000142)
  • Shooter class is not set from history (0000383)
  • Editing competitor info rearranges order on sync after sort (0000394)
  • Disable class selection when no classes enabled for the match
  • USPSA ‘Done’ does not dismiss additional penalties numeric keypad (0000389)
  • USPSA Obsolete Match Levels in “New Match” Definition (0000393)
  • Steel Challenge interoperability with iOS when string time is not entered on miss stop plate
  • Steel Challenge better scores recovery when stage string count edited

ChangeLog (1.2.18)

  • Optimized layout on the shooter editing screen
  • Updated results urls to new format
  • Match Name does not update after sync (0000365)
  • Sync problem with previous versions (0000367)
  • Affiliation number won’t associate with shooters (0000370)
  • TimePlus/IDPA Long stage name pushes strings and targets out of screen (0000380)

ChangeLog (1.2.17)

  • Fixed crash when retrieving shooter from history
  • Cannot update with Play Store (0000343)
  • Sync form issues (0000344)
  • Device name configuration is moved to the parent sync screen
  • Save the last folder on file selection
  • Opening Practiscore take 15-20 seconds (0000360)
  • USPSA View Results scoring sort order needs refinement (0000174)
  • USPSA Incorrect class and category for DQed shooters (0000361)

ChangeLog (1.2.15)

  • TimePlus/points Fixed crash in per-class report (0000334)
  • Fixed critical WiFi sync regression on Nooks (0000339)
  • Build stage screen does not scroll (0000338)

ChangeLog (1.2.14)

  • TimePlus/points Fixed crash in per-class report (0000334)
  • Fixed critical WiFi sync regression on Nooks (0000339)
  • Build stage screen does not scroll (0000338)

ChangeLog (1.2.13)

  • Removed “Get Posted Match”
  • Removed Ads
  • Improved registration import from spreadsheet
  • Improved classifier selection for USPSA, SC and 3GN
  • Improved adding walk-in shooters
  • Fixes for device discovery on WiFi network
  • USPSA Allow to create all-steel fixed time stage (0000074)

ChangeLog (1.2.12)

  • Fixed time zone for the Last Score time on results index page (0000285)
  • Fixed possible crash when changing sort order in shooters list
  • Issues with on match results index page (0000288)
  • IPSC fixed export to WinMSS when stage has deleted targets
  • IPSC shooter region when exporting to WinMSS

ChangeLog (1.2.11)

  • Save and Add New Shooter Button Issue (0000277)
  • Include match name in email subject when sharing results and other data
  • USPSA incorrect scoring type when selecting predefined classifier stages (0000278)
  • USPSA incorrect hits per target for predefined classifier stages (0000282)
  • IDPA incorrect sorting by name results (0000261)

ChangeLog (1.2.10)

  • Fixed crash when modifying divisions
  • Fixed issues when editing divisions and classes
  • Fixed issues with DQs export to WinMSS
  • Fixed issues with order in results posted to
  • USPSA added stage summary dialog
  • USPSA added classifier stage selection list
  • USPSA T22 missing from target scoring list (0000262)
  • USPSA No Penalty Mikes (NPM) not transfering to EZWinScore correctly (0000273)
  • IDPA RangeLog.csv export shows incorrect penalties (0000272)
  • Steel Challenge handling DNF’s in match results (0000274)
  • Steel Challenge missing columns on report (0000275)

ChangeLog (1.2.9)

  • Steel counting twice when imported into EZWinScore (0000260)
  • Timeplus w/points downlaoded from has incomplete results (0000258)
  • AIDPA scoring screen issues (0000245)

ChangeLog (1.2.8)

  • Better error messages when posting match to
  • IDPA RangeLog export had no data (0000252)
  • Allow to select club code, am and match level (0000044)
  • Steel misses aren’t penalized on Android (0000252)
  • Screen does not rotate (0000222)
  • Additional check for entered IDPA points down after stage configuration changed
ChangeLog (1.2.7)
  • Steele Challenge stage results sorted incorrectly (0000244)
  • Added shooter name, timestamp, and stage name to USPSA Review screen
  • USPSA Fixed Time penalties are not getting imported (0000185)
  • Match list is sorted by match date (0000053)
  • Ladies missing from per-division category results (0000241)
  • Better error handling when generating results
  • Jump to the main screen after importing PSC file

ChangeLog (1.2.5)

  • Score not be saved if the “Back” button is hit before “Review” (0000235)
  • Steel Match Penalties and Bonuses are not included when synced (0000238)
  • Include EZWS # on Review Scores page (0000046)
  • Fixed crash when creating Time Plus category results (0000239)
  • Fixed posting of large match results to
  • Fixed issue with DQs shown in USPSA and Time Plus (Points) match results
  • Allow to specify IPSC Region when exporting to WinMSS
  • Added Share action to USPSa results review screen

ChangeLog (V1.2.4)

  • Treat steel hits as alphas in USPSA Score Review Summary (0000146)
  • Fixed issue with syncing results form iOS to Android (0000230)
  • Fixed division issues in RangeLog export to 3GN and IDPA
  • Fixed issue with merging scores for walk-on shooters

ChangeLog (V1.2.3)

  • Make “additional penalties’ harder to enter or require verification (0000169)
  • Crash when selecting an Match Results option for SC match (0000223)
  • Add 3GN Club Series RangeLog export on Android (0000295)
  • IDPA Range Log compatible CSV export (0000138)
  • Show app version and platform on generated results page (0000227)
  • DNF shooters “win” the match (0000226)
  • Stage name has no number if first word of the stage name is ‘Stage’ (0000229)

ChangeLog (V1.2.2)

  • Steel Challenge penalties and bonuses not imported why syncing (0000216)
  • DNF shooters show up in results as winners (0000157)

ChangeLog (V1.2.1)

  • Export USPSA/IPSC matches to WinMSS
  • Spreadsheet imports needs and export counterpart (0000143)
  • Lose Scores when move suqd (0000211)
  • Stage summary numbers wrong for multiple strings stages (0000213)
  • Target scoring screen not honoring no-shoot switch (0000173)
  • Disabled screen orientation change

ChangeLog (V1.2.0)

  • Steel Challenge
  • Major UI update and cleanup
  • Fixed issue with not saving changes in target scores in USPSA matches
  • Find and show network devices (0000115)
  • USPSA fixed time stages should disable ‘mike’ column automagically (0000168)
  • Type-ahead (or find name) feature to locate a shooter in the scoring section (0000159)
  • Match results report is slow for large matches (0000153)
  • Add minimum rounds to Build Stages page (0000124)
  • Show Member# in match results (0000195)
  • Skip Squad Screen when all Shooters are in the same Squad (0000204)

ChangeLog (V1.1.11)

  •  Fixed regression when saving timeplus and uspsa scores

ChangeLog (V1.1.10)

  • Fixed issued with sync to iOS devices

ChangeLog (V1.1.9)

  • Fixed issue with -1 penalties on TimePlus scoring review screen
  • Entering score screen and immediately backing out presents save/return dialog (0000139)
  • Bonus and penalty times display non-fractional values as integers (0000148)

ChangeLog (V1.1.7)

  • Fixed more issues with iOS compatibility for IDPA matches
  • Changing the match name clears match divisions and match classes (0000145)

ChangeLog (V1.1.6)

  • Fixed a random crash when adding a new shooter
  • On Nook devices, when scoring USPSA and Timeplus matches, “Enter” button on last time entry field closes software keybaord

ChangeLog (V1.1.5)

  • If there are multiple strings on TimePlus, 1 string can have zero time (0000144)

ChangeLog (V1.1.4)

  • Scoring Review screen has no Back/Save/Edit button on G2 phone (0000140)

ChangeLog (V1.1.3)

  • Merged USPSA target scoring screen  into the main scoring screen
  • Fixed issue with exporting USPSA classifier stages to EZWS
  • DQ row missing column break in web results (0000128)
  • Spelling error on shooter entry page for a TimePlus match (0000131)
  • Enter a non-USPSA number into ‘Shoter #’ for TimePlus match throws error (0000134)
  • IDPA “by Class” results put shooters in the wrong class (0000129)
  • Accidentally discard entered scores (0000131)
  • Fixed issue with iOS compatibility for IDPA matches

ChangeLog (V1.1.2)

  • Fixed issue with background color in shooter list
  • Fixed issue with numeric keyboard on Nook firmware 1.2.1 (0000119)

ChangeLog (V1.1.1)

  • Fixed crash when producing matach results
  • Enabled custom penalties for IDPA matches
ChangeLog (V1.1.0)
  • IDPA Support
  • Fixed crash on squad screen
  • NPMs and time warning when scoring USPSA Fixed Time stage (0000126)

ChangeLog (V1.0.17)

  • “Review” button at bottom of target score sheet does not show hits (0000121)
  • Time of <1 Second cannot be saved (0000122)
  • ‘Update Classifications’ on Android always fails (0000117)
  • Back and Edit button labels on Review screen get truncated (0000116)
  • Failure to connect with Exporter desktop application
  • Shooters duplicated on edit

ChangeLog (V1.0.16)

  • Division names truncated in time plus results
  • Issues with exporting matches when match name has special characters
  • Issues with overall scores in time plus points match
  • Changed scoring screen flow:
  • On the “Scoring Shooters List” screen, taping on shooter that has complete scores now open “Review” screen.
  • On the “Scoring Shooter” screen Save button is replaced with Review button
  • “Review” screen now have either Save or Edit button (depends where it was called from)
  • Basically, to save results you now have to tap Review button to see “Review” screen where can tap Save button

ChangeLog (V1.0.15)

  • Up/Down buttons in view results on Nook (0000010)
  • Fixed incorrect ranking of stage results in time plus scoring
  • Target number is not shown on scoring screen
  • Opening match in web browser fails with ‘Failed to Unzip Files’ (0000084)
  • Import from spreadsheet function misses fields in some cases (0000090)

ChangeLog (V1.0.14)

  • Several fixes to time plus match results report
  • Entering Score Targets screen cause competitor scores change
  • When using an device in wifi hotspot mode, PS thinks there is no wifi available (0000035)
  • Fixed title on “Classes” editing screen
  • Fixed issue with importing competitors from CSV
  • Fixed multiple issues with saving/updating target scores
  • Score review page not adding misses on steel to miss count

ChangeLog (V1.0.12)

  • Fixed bug when DQ’ing or DNF’ing while editing a score. The changed DQ or DNF status wasn’t propogating to other devices during sync.
  • Fixed bug in registration import from a CSV file with Windows line endings.

ChangeLog (V1.0.11)

  • Fixed sync incompatibility with iOS PractiScore versions 1.5.6 and greater

ChangeLog (V1.0.10)

  • Bug fix for EZWS export
  • Assorted bug fixes
ChangeLog (V1.0.9)
  • Bug fix for squad changes not syncing when using “move shooter to squad” feature
  • No upper limit on EZWS number
  • Remove dashes and spaces from USPSA when importing CSV
  • Assorted bug fixes.

ChangeLog (V1.0.8)

  • Import match registration from spreadsheet
  • PSS.txt import now relies on shooter number for uniqueness.
  • More detailed PSS.txt import.
  • Bug fix for only last shooter in PSS.txt file being imported
  • Walk-On has been renamed to Shoot-Thru.
  • Assorted bug fixes.


  • DNF Button. A DNF counts as a “complete” score, but when viewing results, a DNF means a 0 hitfactor, 0 time, 0 points, etc.
  • Bug fix related to importing certain PSC files.
  • Assorted bug fixes

ChangeLog (V1.0.5)

  • Bug fix for some shooters not appearing in the “Edit Shooters” list.

ChangeLog (V1.0.4)

  • Custom Classes!
  • Class/Category Results now exactly match EZWS
  • Better UI for setting up a match
  • Bug Fix for deleting/changing a match

ChangeLog (V1.0.2)

  • Ability to review time-plus results
  • Bug fix for importing PSS.txt files

ChangeLog (V1.0.1)

  • Bug fix for selecting divisions
  • Bug fix for importing matches
  • Bug fix for results being off by one column
  • Bug fix for results being generated improperly
  • Show number of new deleted shooters on sync

ChangeLog (V1.0)

  • Assorted bug fixes/speed improvements (especially for Nook Simple Touch)
  • Bug fix for default squad NOT being 0
  • Bug fixes for reading/writing matches to memory.
  • Bug fixes for wireless syncing.
  • Ability to enter password for posting to if you don’t own the match.
  • Support for Time Plus and Time Plus Points matches with custom bonuses and penalties.
  • Layouts change based upon the current match type.
  • Support for Custom Divisions with the last configuration for each match type saved in the history.
  • Ability to undo deletion of targets.
  • Ability to sort scored shooters by total time.
  • Dialog boxes for long operations.
  • Better shooter history
  • Better support for posting to
  • Fixed Force Close when app gets booted from memory (finally)!!

ChangeLog (V0.9.26)

  • Pull matches from
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Ability to share matchs’ urls
  • Nook Simple Touch fixes.

ChangeLog (V0.9.25)

  • Post match results to
  • Classifier Update.

ChangeLog (V0.9.24)

  • Support for “Additional Penalties”
  • Better color-scheme on Shooters List (on scoring page)
  • Better color-scheme for selected files in File Dialog
  • Better support for walk-on shooters.
  • Add in “No Squad” as an option
  • Ability to move a shooter to the current squad while scoring
  • Ability to add a walk-on shooter while scoring
  • Assorted Bug Fixes

ChangeLog (0.9.23)

  • Ability to “Share All Results” at once.
  • Warnings for any time below 1 second or over 10 minutes
  • Bug fix for HF Sorting
  • Bug fix for malformed time stamps.

ChangeLog (0.9.22)

  • Various speed improvements
  • Faster Device-To-Device syncing
  • Faster logic when traversing Enter Scores pages.
  • Bug fix for deleting targets after scores have been entered.

ChangeLog (0.9.21)

  • Better 3rd-Party app support
  • Bug Fix when deleting scores for a deleted shooter
  • Bug Fix for propagating ids when a shooter is modified
  • Easily see which targets allow NPMs when scoring.
  • Show changelog if you long-press the match name OR version on the “home screen”.

ChangeLog (0.9.20)

  • Support for Walk-On shooters
  • Ability to merge shooters/scores if the unique id is the same.
  • LOTS of Bug Fixes Related To Missing Scores/Stages/Shooters, and Values Not Being Set
  • Phone Number field when creating shooters

ChangeLog (0.9.19)

  • Atomic Writing of Match_Def, Match_Scores, and Shooter History
  • Additional integrity checks for JSON files before renaming
  • Bug fix for scores never being saved during sync
  • Dialog box to prevent accidentally leaving app.

ChangeLog (0.9.18)

  • Better Windows Export tool support

ChangeLog (0.9.17)

  • “L10” instead of “LTD10”
  • Bug fix for Shooter History NEVER being sorted
  • Always show squad on tablet (not just if score is complete)
  • Show WHY a score is incomplete (Excess Shots, Incomplete, Lacks Time(s))

ChangeLog (0.9.16)

  • Only export scores that are complete to EZWS
  • Bigger text/buttons on scoring page.
  • Automatically re-sort shooter list after scoring a shooter
  • Do NOT preserve EZWS num or squad in shooter history.
  • Include classifier code in the EZWS export files
  • Add shooter button now contains information related to number of shooters in a match.
  • Bug Fix for DQ Flag set but not saved
  • Show squad number on scoring shooter’s list on “tablets”
  • If email is longer than 32 characters, don’t export in EZWS (due to EZWS bug)
  • Time now shows up on Nook Simple Touch
  • Better colors for HF and Total Time on Nook Simple Touch
  • Always display division and hit factor
  • Better HF Sorting if HF equals 0
  • If Ascending Order, Shooters with a HF of 0 will be sorted in the following order:
  • Shooters with true 0.0000 HF
  • DQ Shooters
  • Shooters with incomplete score
  • if Descending Order:
  • Shooters with incomplete score
  • DQ Shooters
  • Shooters with true 0.0000 HF

ChangeLog (0.9.15)

  • All case variations of ‘pen’ and ‘pending’ are now valid USPSA IDs
  • Better handling of EZWinScore Alignment (for export)
  • Greater Network Support (support for Class-B subnets)

NOTE: This version uses  manual syncing that is not backwards compatible with v0.9.14 or earlier. PLEASE update!

ChangeLog (0.9.14)

  • Correct Fixed Time Results
  • Different colors for Nook Simple Touch compatibility
  • Edit Targets Bug Fix on Nook Simple Touch
  • Better error checking for Numeric Fields. Cursor no longer jumps to beginning when a bad character is input
  • Ability to sort shooters by first name
  • Ability to sort shooters by ascending/descending order
ChangeLog (0.9.13)
  • Syncing Bug Fixes
  • DQ Shooters now count as “scored”
  • Target Deleted Bug Fix
  • Show Stage / Shooter Name on target scoring page.
  • Shooter history now sorted by field typed into (First Name/ Last Name/ USPSA)
  • Manual Syncing
  • Device Code/ SSID on bottom of every page
  • Better notifications of errors / warnings
  • Enter Button now behaves as expected when modifying shooters/stages
  • Nook Simple Touch now shows correct keyboard when scoring.

ChangeLog (0.9.12)

  • Class / Category Results
  • Support for Fixed Time / Virginia Count stages
  • Target data no longer deleted when modifying stages
  • Ability to undelete shooters
  • Better handling of ShooterHistory Squadding
  • Deleted shooters no longer show up on shooter scoring lists
  • Automatically recalculate scores after modifying a shooter’s powerfactor
  • Assorted bug fixes related to syncing/ scoring

ChangeLog (0.9.11)

  • Added decimal point / number pad keyboard for time and other number entry on Kindle Fire
  • Fixed debugging mode left in released version where club import was parsed but never saved

ChangeLog (0.9.1)

  • Assorted Bug Fixes
  • Import Club (from masternames.db)
  • Support for Re-Entered shooters
  • Better USPSA validation
  • Prevent losing Scoring Data due to a phone call, orientation changes, etc.
  • Default age now Adult not Senior
  • Removed Division/PowerFactor defaults
  • Ability to save all exports to SD Card
  • More sharing options for EzWinScore export
  • Scoring Shooters List now has current stage name on top of it.
  • Scoring Squads List now shows time in addition to hit factor.
  • Add Shooters Page now has a “Save and Add Another Shooter” button
  • The Review Score page now has a “Back” and a “Save” button.
  • Sort By preferences now saved even when closing the app.
  • Text on sync page now matches iOS

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini

Current Version: 1.689

App Store Link:


PractiScore is a complete scoring system for practical shooting matches, including USPSA, 3 Gun Nation, IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, and any variety of time/plus type scoring. PractiScore has scored the largest matches in the country, including USPSA Nationals, and is in used by hundreds of clubs around the world. It is an approved scoring system for all of these sports, in some cases, the only designated system. Runs on devices with iOS 5.1.1 and up.

Features include:
– multiple squad support (any number of squads / shooters)
– easy one finger scoring
– simple and quick to use
– instant score calculation
– instant stage and match results
– easy competitor registration on the iPhone/iPad with memory of shooters for less typing
– complete match specification on the iPhone/iPad
– a PC is not needed to score match
– WiFi sharing of scores and match definitions between devices (no internet needed)
– instant e-mail of match results from the device
– instant posting of match results to
– sharing of registration and match scores with ezWinScore, ForScore, WinMSSS
– a backup system for creating save points along the way
– an export function allowing export and import of match files
– easy score summary view for paper backup (if desired)
– one click integration with match and club management system

What’s New

Version 1.689 (18 July 2017)

UML/EMG subtype now hides combined results. Only shows division results.
Added template for match subtype SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia).
Added DNF reason picker for USPSA and IPSC
Added auto set “Use Best Time for Points” on UML scoring.
USPSA scoring now uses only template values for division/class/category.
Fixed bug where fixed time scoring did not sync score type value across.
Added Zip Code to posting.
Added IDPA reports: Trophy, Awards, Penalty Counts (AAR).
Restores the instruction image for posting results to USPSA.
Fixed alpha sorting on “Re-assign Score” shooter list.
Added allow signatures setting for matches.
Fixed SCSA Classifier code not clearing when classifier setting is turned off.
Added squad intermediate results report to SCSA.
Removed extra quotes in SCSA export csv.
Fixed Steel Master report to match current rules.
Updated the USPSA Multigun template to the rules used at this years nationals match (minus the bonus target).
Corrected the USPSA/SCSA classifier updates to use the expired date instead of the X classification to indicate expired memberships.
Class updates now handle correcting member number prefixes.
Added membership verification to USPSA MG template.
Improved usability for the penalty/bonus edit screen.
Added hiding personal info switch to matches. Deletes all email and phone data.
Workaround for PRS stages where the String count is set to 0 but the stage requires time.
Added .22 MM Challenge Template.
Added IPSC Air and Mini Rifle templates.

Version 1.688 (20 April 2017)

Export report for NSSF scholastic scoring.
Fix for a bug in PRS due to changing the data backend for scores. Caused incomplete scores to become complete before being approved. The change requires approval to “complete” a score.
Improved speed for score entry caused by disk write lag on huge matches.
Got rid of the number hud on +/- UI element.
Added 2 new ICORE classifiers.
Added Last Seen and Last Sync times to device sync screen.
Improved color schemes on review screens for daylight visibility.
General improvements and fixes.

Version 1.684 (16 Jan 2017)

-Edited IDPA template and classifiers per rule book changes.
-Added “warn” property to bonus and penalty to show notifications when they are used. To support the IDPA “Finger PE” call.
-Added 3GN Single Gun scoring. Uses new customizable targets for all non paper targets.
-Added “Sync From Master” control in the shooter score list.
Set the master device from the device sync menu.
Automatically sync changes from the chosen master device (if it is online and the matches are the same).
-When entering the PIN for a new match, it is loaded into a new match. If the match exists on the device then a sync is done. You should use the PIN download first, then do penalty, bonus, and stage setup. If you have a match built and want to download the registration from, you can still use either the CSV export from the site or use the PIN to download into a new match and then sync the shooters into your actual match with the “Sync Shooter from Other Match” option found in the “Shooters/Squads” menu of the app. You can also select the “Add shooters to current match” checkbox option.
-Added support for stage images and briefs.
-Added rangelog export for 3GN shotgun event.
-NRA Action now uses custom targets.
Available target types are stored by the match for use in stages.
Target Values, Names, and Default Counts can be edited on the match and stage level.
-Default match names are now set to the Club Name abbreviation, the match type, and then a time stamp to help with match identification on the results site.
-Added state code to all fields in the SCSA awards report.
-Added not squadded shooters to the PMM reports.
-Fixed IDPA most accurate report to order ties by final time.
-Removed PF from non USPSA reports.
-Changed old categories to new categories in the TPP and USPSA reports.
-Fixed sync code field moves above keyboard.
-When Loading Shooters from file or PIN#:
If no Member Number is loaded Member ID and Class are set to “”.
If no Class is loaded Class is set to “”.
-When running a class update:
If the shooter is not found or the returned class is an invalid value, the class is set to “U” as per USPSAs instruction.
-Added division winners to the steel awards report.
-Fixed a bug for empty fields crash in awards report.
-Removed page CSS from Mixed match reports.
-Added a number entry pad to +/- boxes in clay sports scoring
-Added Bianchi falling plates scoring to NRA Action.
-Enforced NRA scoring “No negative value score” rule.
-Added notes to new match selection menu to indicate match type usage.
-Added an alert to Max stage time setting to keep people from using it unaware.
-Modified some match type names to clarify their usage.
-Fixed a bug where the Power Factor setting for a shooter could be changed to “Major” for divisions where it should not be allowed.
-Added stage penalty reports to progress reports.
Added PRS Gas Gun Series tp subtype. (“precisionrifle”)
-includes an addition to overall sorting for the tie breaker rules.
-Added PRS and PRS Gas skills stages images and classifiers (skills).
-Added DCAPS idpa subtype. (“dcaps”)
-Added counts to every section of the Steel Challenge awards report. Limited all sections to display 5 results.
-General usability and bug fixes.

Version 1.681 (August 7, 2016)

Updated the formatting of the USPSA classification file.
Fixed an issue where a time cache caused a competitor who was DQ’d then un-DQ’d to have a valid ‘0.00’ time.
Finished the match series team csv output.
Autoset power factor to minor for PCC Prod and CO.
Added “updated shooters” list to the classification update report for USPSA and SCSA.
Fix for switching back to creation mode, made subtype editable.
CSV output for all Steel Challenge types.
CSV output for PRS.
Added a GADPA template.
Added better error reporting to the posting interface.
Updated the posting timeout to match cloud flare. If it doesn’t work < 1 minute it won't. Added Deleted and Not Deleted filters to the shooter list. Added a check option to show hide deleted shooters. Added class string to shooter entry in the shooter list. Added classification update for SCSA. Added last battery value to the device sync list. Added "Steel Miss PD Count" value to match to allow custom configuration of IDPA scoring for EASS. The USPSA webFile now includes the classifier count and match level to allow a future single upload for activities and results.

Version 1.675 (May 17, 2016)

Added PCC division to USPSA uploads.
Fixed a bug where the history views only showed the current score.
Added manual squad sorting. In the squad view choose random squad sort and then tap edit to rearrange the squad.
Added counts and values for all targets and penalties to review/history screens for USPSA scoring. This should de-confuse the review/history screens.
Stage order can now be rearranged when in creation mode. Edit to rearrange the stages before scoring begins.

Version 1.674 (May 9, 2016)

You can still give your devices names on the local network. It is found under the “Import/Export” menu. This is really just the old “Sync” menu. A new “Sync Devices” option was added for secured matches. The “Import/Export” menu is locked, but “Sync Devices” is not secured.
Moved the USPSA and IDPA paper target points entry to the main score screens.
Removed “New Default Match” from the top of the match chooser list. The preferred match creation method is from templates. The “New Match” button does this. You can still make a match without the templates, the old way, using the button at the bottom of the match list.
Added a USPSA Multi-gun template for match creation. This is a Time Plus Points Match type with the rule set from this year’s Nationals in Vegas.
Added webfile generation for USPSA MG results upload.
When downloading to a new match from the PIN, penalties and bonuses are now loaded from the appropriate template instead of history cache.
Added ISSA match type. It is a steel challenge variant.
Fixed a bug where ICORE steel NS counted double.
Added a squad report to the Match Progress Detail report. Tap in any squad for a detailed breakdown. Currently only names and times are displayed.
Activity and Results submission UIs now set the match club code and name when added.
Added a longer timeout to PIN download.
The Leaderboard now has an image picker for the logo image and for the slideshow images. The leaderboard now separates divisions for overall and stage results.
Team Maximum Team Results ‘0’ means all team scores are used.
Restructured the way score entry/approval occurs.
The history view will show for any score that is “ready”.
The history view now shows “Back” instead of “Approve”.
The Edit Score button now offers options to “Edit” and “Clear and Edit”.
From the score entry screen the “Review” button now shows a review screen with just the current score.
Review has a “Back” and “Approve” button.
Fix for leaderboard projected results to show percent of possible.
Fixed header labels on team report.
Some fixes for PRS results sorting and display.
Added a warning when a DNF overwrites a complete score.
Added team scoring to all match types.
Added sort by team to the shooter list.
Member numbers are now partially validated on import.
All symbols and spaces are removed.
Letters are capitalized.
Added posting of scores for review only as an option. No rankings or overall scores are shown.
The shooter options section hides when the search bar is active in the shooters/squads menu.
Fixed the “Add Classifier” button on iOS 5.
Stages are now only marked as deleted in scoring mode. In creation mode stages are fully deleted.

Version 1.673 (Feb 09, 2016)

Added USARMS template as a subtype of IDPA.
Several changes to PRS scoring:
Added stage DQ.
Added skills stages as classifiers for PRS tie breakers. Sorting is by points then time when “skills” are not present. Scoring ties is done based on “skills” score total when present.
Added PRS Shots Limited scoring type.
-Set the number of shots allowed in the stage setup instead of targets.
Rearranged scoring screens to be more intuitive according to feedback received from users.
Added templates and defaults for PRS.
PRS targets can now have any numeric value.
PRS shots are limited to 1,2,0 or the entered stage no shoot value.
Changed button labels in PRS Shots Limited for clarity.
Added SDQ button to PRS Shots Limited entry screen.
On the shooter list the options sections is hidden when using the search bar and revealed again when done.
Added feature to post scores on as review only.
score data for stages only.
shooters are listed alphabetically.
no ranks are given.
Added team scoring.
Placed device sync in the main menu.
Added posting of scores for review only as an option. No rankings or overall scores are shown.
The shooter options section hides when the search bar is active in the shooters/squads menu.
Fixed the “Add Classifier” function on iOS 5.
Stages are now only marked as deleted in scoring mode.
Creation mode deletes stages.

Version 1.672 (January 25, 2016)

New option for PIN registration import. When importing via PIN download you can choose to “Import Shooters Only”.
Improved syncing for Master/Scoring settings.
Added a CSV export for Time Plus Points.
Added squad numbers to items in the shooter’s list.
Fixed an issue where walk-on shooters’ scores became dissociated when their member numbers were changed.
Fixed issue where DQs in USPSA stage results were misordered.

Version 1.671 (Jan 11, 2016)

Added Master/Scoring device security. Set a password for the match under the match editor menu. This must be done on the device that creates or PIN downloads the match.
Securing a match restricts access to non-scoring functions on all other devices. It requires a password to enter any non-score entry option for that match.
The Shooter/Squads list is now grouped alphabetically or by division/last name.
Moved all controls to top of the Shooters/Squads list. These options have been there for some time, but are now easier to find.
Added a Classification Update option to the Shooters/Squads menu for USPSA.
Added Division/Alpha sort to the Shooters/Squads list.
Added IDPA Points Down custom value. Set the PD value in the “Build Stages” menu. This allows you to use the new value as soon as the rule is in place.
Added a new match management reports section the the main menu.
Enforcing minor PF for Carry Optics division.
Added a more useful issue report for the USPSA Activity/Classification report. Now a report opens listing the divisions and shooters that could not be processed.
Tap and hold the version number on the home screen to see the change log.
USPSA add target screen now has buttons to add/delete multiple targets and set hit count.
ICORE bonus/penalties are now editable.
Division/Class/Category/Penalty/Bonus values are now able to be restored for all “default” match types.
Added new Filter/Sort options to the shooter list.

Version 1.661 (May 28, 2015)

Added ICORE scoring type. As this is a new module, please use it, but pretest your setup, and backup often.
Added functionality to backup matches from the main screen. This is to make it easier to remember to backup your match data frequently.
Added Clone function to the main screen. Use this to create a duplicate of any match you have. Match files can be shared and used to create additional matches with the same stages, penalties, and registration.
Added new divisions in IDPA, SCSA, 3GN.
Added new function to sync/import shooters from other matches. This can be used to create match series or to run different types of matches simultaneously with the same registration. Also useful for creating and editing registrations outside of your main match setup before importing. This is found at the bottom of the Shooters/Squads menu.
Match series reports can now use unique IDs to combine scores for multiple matches where the registrations are identical (used in conjunction with the registration import above). This allows for more accurate shooter identities between matches as well as duplicate entries to be differentiated in series matches. The match series report screen is found in the upper right corner of the main screen.
Match series now reports by divisions as well as overall.
NSSF match types are now compatible between platforms.
Added division and category information to the shooters list.
The current match in the “Matches” menu is now highlighted. Tapping the highlighted match enters the edit screen. Tapping any other match changes the current match as before.

Version 1.660 (March 9, 2015)

Bug fix for walk-on shooter syncing.
Update to new IDPA divisions.

Version 1.653 (January 19, 2015)

New syncing interface. Scan your network for devices. Devices are stored for faster finding and connecting.
Custom categories. The gender, age, mil, law, foreign values have been converted into customizable categories.
Added ProAm scoring with a “time plus” tie breaker stage option.
Added CSV (excel) export for many match types.
ICORE, PASS, USCA and others coming soon.
Switch between “Time Plus” and “Time Plus w/ Points” on the fly.
IDPA reports show memeber numbers.
Fixed several layout and navigation issues in iOS8.
General performance improvements.
PRS score sort and posting fix.

Version 1.652 (September 1, 2014)

Classification update in app will report if a number is not found due to wrong prefix or otherwise.
IDPA combined report by rank is back.
NRA Action match type.

Version 1.651 (August 10, 2014)

iOS 5 support working again.
Fix for bug that causes a crash when syncing after a walk-on shooter is added and scored.
Improved buttons and layout in scoring and review screens.
Bigger Shooter/Stage readout on score and review screens to help avoid wrong score entries.
Accordion layout on SCSA score screen.
Fixed crash caused by process not closing when device sleeps.
Validating shooter names and numbers in the shooter edit screen. This should help clear out all those all-caps names in your shooter suggestions history as well as all those USPSA numbers with spaces and dashes.
When downloading registration from the last used penalties for the given match type will be selected.

Version 1.641 (June 20, 2014)

New Time Plus Custom scoring module. Built to enable NSSF Rimfire Challenge match scoring.
The former IDPA reports are back along with the new reports added in the last version.
Stage reports on the device for time based scores are now ordered by rank (time).
New, more complete, shooter classification update for USPSA.
Now validating USPSA classifier stage codes to help make sure activities are posted correctly.
Stage and Squad menus now show completed / incomplete score count.

Version 1.6.21 (May 1, 2014)

New score summary/review pages – “Bigger and Bolder”.
Remote device battery levels now passed to “Sync With Other Devices” list.
More ergonomic placement of buttons in Interface.
Fixed inaccurate calculation of activity reports.

Version 1.6.1 (Feb 19, 2014)

Added more oversized interface elements for better daylight visibility.
New squadding interface. Tap “Squad” at the bottom of the “Shooter/Squads” screen.
Fixed PSS.txt import bug.
Stage grouping allows one device to run two stages in one bay.

Version 1.6 (Feb 04, 2014)

Steel Challenge Scoring.
High contrast, larger interface for better visibility.
USPSA Activity reports.
Added country codes for shooters.

Version 1.5.10 (Jun 13, 2013)

– added rangelog scores export for 3GN Clubs Series matches
– improved handling of Time Plus w/Points scores on stages where the best score is negative (because of bonuses)
– show stage name in squad chooser
– fixed bug wheres scores could be loaded wrong after deleting a stage

Version 1.5.9 (May 13, 2013)

– support for iPhone 5 screen size
– full retina display support
– changes to scores are now logged locally on the device and can be browsed and viewed
– division, classes, and shooter IDs are now save in shooter history on a per-match-type basis so adding shooter to a new match should bring up the right shooter ID, division, and class for that sport
– fix for sending classifier stages to EZWinScore
– “Add Shooter” button no long scrolls off screen
– fixed bug for “invalid divisions and classes” counts not updating when a shooter is deleted
– fixed an incompatibility with Android version for IDPA matches
– auto-capitalize each word (not just first word) when entering stage names
– fixed bug where power factor changes weren’t syncing
– steel hits field removed from “Summary” score review screen for USPSA scores. They’re now included in alphas count.
– penalties and bonuses that only allow one (not many) show up as a checkbox in the scoring screen
– updates to IDPA results reports
– PDF reports for all IDPA and TimePlus results
– improved printing options and page setup for PDF reports (portrait vs landscape, letter size vs. legal size)
– navigation to scores that are “complete” now goes directly to the score review screen with an option to get to score entry via “Edit Score”
– added a registration download option from
– new icons on the start screen

Version 1.5.8 (Feb 08, 2013)

– imported matches can now be merged in with the current match rather than a complete replacement.
– syncing devices’ system clocks must be within 10 minutes of each other to sync.
– added a general registration export to spreadsheet (CSV)
– re-wording of “shoot-thru” settings to “walk-on”
– fixed bug in Time Plus and IDPA results where scores were correct but final ranking was off in some cases.
– made changes in the interface for adding walk-ons from the scoring screens. You must search for a shooter first to verify they’re not already registered before adding a walk-on.
– several small performance improvements

Version 1.5.7 (Nov 20, 2012)

– fixed a crash when emailing results of an IDPA match
– fixed bug in Time Plus and IDPA match results reports that showed DQ’d shooters placing first
– fixed bug where NPM column in target scoring view was disabled on Fixed Time stages if the match had been sync’d from another device

Version 1.5.6 (Oct 22, 2012)

– fixed a crash when adding points down in an IDPA match on a device running an iOS version lower than iOS 6
– allow ‘lady’ as a value in the gender column in registration import from spreadsheet
-added an option to set the device name seen when syncing (e.g. “Squad 1”, “Stage 1”, “Master”, etc.)

Version 1.5.5 (Oct 10, 2012)

– added IDPA support (new match type)
– added diff views to preview diffs of shooters and stages before accepting sync’d match data
– use shooter number to match up and replace shooters in EZWinScore shooter import (PSS.txt)
– allow merging of shooters in a re-import from a spreadsheet
– fixed a case where deleted shooters where included in a posted result
– crash fix in classification update
– fixed an obscure crash todo with changing penalties

Version 1.5.4 (Aug 31, 2012)

– added DNF button to score page
– fixed bugs in spreadsheet import

Version 1.5.3 (Aug 21, 2012)

– crash fix: when less than 8 classes were enabled it would crash if you tried to set a shooter’s class

Version 1.5.2 (Aug 08, 2012)

– import registration from a spreadsheet
– export EZWinScore results, registration, or match export file (.psc) to other apps such as Dropbox
– fixed bug in EZWinScore squadding export

Version 1.5.1 (Jul 23, 2012)

– fix a potential crash in the classification update
– rewording of “walk-on” to “shoot-thru” since that better describes the intended use
– allow one string to have a zero time on multi-string stages for cases where the worst score is thrown out
– allow up to 999 squad (previous limit was 99)
– new shooters now default to “no squad” rather than squad 1
– custom classifications may to defined for time plus and time plus w/points matches
– EZWinScore options are now hidden for time plus and time plus w/point matches since they’re not currently supported

Version 1.5 (Jul 13, 2012)

– added time plus and time plus w/points scoring
– changed class and category leader results reports to use the same scores as in division and overall results rather than recalculating. This is consistent with EZWinScore class and category leader reports.
– show division and power factor in the scoring screen
– various bug fixes

Version 1.4.3 (May 30, 2012)

– fixed problems with international characters in shooter names, match name, etc. preventing some functions from working properly
– fixed bug that prevent match name or match date edits from being saved if the edited match wasn’t the current match

Version 1.4.2 (May 16, 2012)

– relief for duplicate shooter head aches. The derived unique ID is now only used if a shooter is explicitly marked as a walk-on, so duplicate shooters should be rare.
– fixed memory leaks that were leading to freeze-up in the target scoring screen
– fixed a case that could lead to lost scores
– default classification on a new shooter to “Unclassfied”
– re-squad a shooter from the scoring screens
– add a walk-on from the scoring screens
– added a cancel button for easy cancellation of shooter edits or a shooter addition
– made a slight adjustment to combined, overall results to better mach EZWS results

Version 1.4.1 (Apr 25, 2012)

– fixed bug with power factor not changing to minor on division change to production
– added a workaround for a problem importing psc files (practiscore export file) generated from older versions of PractiScore on Android
– added a switch to put a match in read-only mode
– added a feature that allows you to pull down a match from results posted to The resulting match is locked to read-only mode.
– added password protection to match results posting. The device that created a match may assign a password for the match that allows results to be posted to

Version 1.4 (Apr 06, 2012)

– fixed bug that was forcing Comstock stages to Fixed Time
– fixed crash when setting classifier
– added search bar in registration
– now handles syncing of shooters that are registered on multiple devices. A few notes below on the details of this change:
Each shooter has a unique identifier. This allows PractiScore to sync scores and shooter attributes to the right shooter when syncing between devices. The unique ID is derived as follows:
– USPSA number and division are used if the USPSA number exists and is non-pending
– else email and division are used if email exists
– else phone and division are used if phone exists
– else name and division are used
If shooters are registered on separate devices care should be take to ensure that they have the same unique ID. Otherwise the shooter will show up as two separate shooters when the devices are synced. In these cases, if you then edit the shooter registration such that the unique IDs equal, PractiScore will give you the option to merge the two shooters, along with scores, into one.
Note that division is always included in the unique ID. This allows re-entries to be treated as separate shooters. Be aware that if a shooter’s division changes on one device then is synced to a device that already has that shooter the shooter will appear as a re-entry since changing division changes the shooter’s unique ID. This may be remedied on the device by merging the shooters as explained above.
Previous to version 1.4 a shooter’s unique ID was generated internally on the device with no way to sync shooters registered on separate devices. A shooter had to be registered on one device then synced to all other devices before scoring. If the unique ID says “Internal ID” then the match was created on an older version of PractiScore. These older matches will still work just fine, just note that they won’t support registering the same shooter on separate devices.

Version 1.03 (Mar 07, 2012)

– better support for fixed time and virginia count scoring
– added indicator of current wifi network and better handling of wifi network loss and or network changes
– added a manual method for finding devices to sync with by entering the “sync code” of the device you wish to sync with. This may be useful as a fallback method in cases where devices aren’t found automatically. This also gives iOS PractiScore better compatibility with the Android version of PractiScore, which currently requires sync codes for device discovery.
– you can now sync from another device at any time, assuming devices are on the same network. It no longer requires that both devices be on the “Sync With Other Devices” page. Quick Sync mode has been removed, as it is no longer needed.
– fixed a problem with “NMP” sometimes being truncated in target scoring
– renamed “Import Clubs” to “Import Master File”
– added support for sending EZWinScore files to a desktop client over Wi-Fi (no internet and no USB cable required) – details will be on

Version 1.02 (Feb 16, 2012)

– added localization to support numeric formats for different countries (e.g. Finland uses a comma for the decimal separator rather than a period, thus a stage time of 22.50 would be represented 22,50).

Version 1.01 (Feb 04, 2012)

– fixed a crash on match date changes
– added more flexibility and more informative error messages to club import from EZWinScore. Now accepts CSV or TSV.
– fixed a bug in loading of shooter history (auto-complete)
– made improvements to shooter auto-complete search algorithm