iOS App 1.689

UML/EMG subtype now hides combined results. Only shows division results.
Added template for match subtype SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia).
Added DNF reason picker for USPSA and IPSC
Added auto set “Use Best Time for Points” on UML scoring.
USPSA scoring now uses only template values for division/class/category.
Fixed bug where fixed time scoring did not sync score type value across.
Added Zip Code to posting.
Added IDPA reports: Trophy, Awards, Penalty Counts (AAR).
Restores the instruction image for posting results to USPSA.
Fixed alpha sorting on “Re-assign Score” shooter list.
Added allow signatures setting for matches.
Fixed SCSA Classifier code not clearing when classifier setting is turned off.
Added squad intermediate results report to SCSA.
Removed extra quotes in SCSA export csv.
Fixed Steel Master report to match current rules.
Updated the USPSA Multigun template to the rules used at this years nationals match (minus the bonus target).
Corrected the USPSA/SCSA classifier updates to use the expired date instead of the X classification to indicate expired memberships.
Class updates now handle correcting member number prefixes.
Added membership verification to USPSA MG template.
Improved usability for the penalty/bonus edit screen.
Added hiding personal info switch to matches. Deletes all email and phone data.
Workaround for PRS stages where the String count is set to 0 but the stage requires time.
Added .22 MM Challenge Template.
Added IPSC Air and Mini Rifle templates.