Practiscore Android (1.2.27)

Practiscore Android (1.2.27) is released and available here. It is also submitted to Google Play and Amazon app stores and will be available there once application review is completed.

  • Reassign to shooter dialog showed deleted shooters
  • Share action on scores review screen for all match types
  • NFC cards support (Nexus, ASUS MeMo Pad 8, etc)
  • Lock selected stages on scoring devices
  • Save text score log to local folder or SD card
  • Make match data backup upon major match changes (sync, import, etc.)
  • Several fixes for wifi sync screen UI
  • Added option to set automatic decimal point when entering stage time
  • Fixed importing custom categories from CSV
  • Fixed issue with non-English names in html match results
  • Fixed out of memory issue on Kindle Fire with large matches
  • Timeplus Performance improvements for match results generation
  • IDPA Fixed wrong order of columns in the RangeLog export
  • IDPA Scoring screen layout UI fixes
  • IDPA New divisions added to default match template
  • USPSA Fixed issue with Fixed Time classifier stages and NPMs
  • Steel Challenge Fixed issue with restoring penalties when editing previously scored stage