IDPA Divisions

IDPA divisions have changed and we are adding the new ones to the app defaults. In the interim divisions are editable in the app.

-Go to “Shooters/Squads” from the main menu.

-In Android tap “Divisions” and edit as needed.

-In iOS scroll to the bottom of the list. Tap “Match Divisions” and edit as needed.

As always, email [email protected] for assistance.

Site back up

The site has been re-hosted to another cloud provider and the clubs and results systems are up and running smooth.

I’ll have a longer “what happened” note, and then a “what are we doing so it never happens again” note later today.

The short story is that the DDOS attack, while irritating, really wasn’t the problem. The core problem was our cloud provider, Digital Ocean. They had very solid reputation for being a top, developer friendly, cloud host when we moved to them. That proved quite wrong for us.

Many thanks to Dave & Josh, our web team, who worked a long hours last 3 days overcoming initially a DDOS attack and then a disreputable vendor.

Ken Nelson

Practiscore Site Down

We apologize for our site not being accessible. In the last 3 years we have had an average uptime of 99.5%.
This last week we were the target of a DDoS attack, and while we were able to mitigate the attack, our host had some hardware problems and would not work with us in getting it resolved.

We are currently in the process of moving to a faster, more secure hosting solution and should be back up later tonight.

Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for your understanding.

Also the Registration for NaZC has been moved to tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6pm IE fix

We have implemented a quick fix for IE 8 and up. If you have had issues with squadding or registering for matches the site in the past, you should be able to do them again with little problems now.

Microsoft had pushed some updates that caused our Match Management site to lose functionality. While the fixes we put in place today will fix this issue, there could be more problems arise in the future. We are working on updating our web products so we can try to avoid this in the future.

We also HIGHLY recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox when using our site as it is more secure and more up to date than Internet Explorer.