Battle for the North Coast presented by Champion Precision Firearms


Match starts: September 14, 2018 @ 9:00 AM · Match ends: September 16, 2018 @ 5:00 PM

Location: Hartsgrove, OH 44085

This is the Inaugural Ohio North Section Championship "Battle for the North Coast Presented by Champion Precision Firearms"

9 Stages plus Chronograph - 201 rounds

Visit for sponsor list, match details and the Match Book once it becomes available.

Scheduled start time every day is 8:00 AM . We will have a shooters meeting at 7:45. EVERY SHOOTER WILL ATTEND THE SHOOTERS MEETING.

MATCH SHIRTS: Visit the match web site to order match shirts.

Juniors will shoot for half price ($50). If you are in this category, you must contact Bud at [email protected] He will approve the discount and your registration will be updated for your payment. Please contact Bud at [email protected] PRIOR to payment for approval.

You will receive an email, once your registration is approved, with a link to make your payment for the match.

PLEASE NOTE: The last day to withdraw from the match and receive a full refund of your match fee will be August 19, 2018.

Please visit for additional information as available.

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USPSA level II match, with the following divisions:
Limited, Limited 10, Open, Production, Revolver, Single Stack, Carry Optics, PCC



Match Documents

Only 210 spots left!
Please provide a phone number where you can be contacted with questions or last minute updates. Please enter numbers ONLY. No dashes, spaces or parentheses.
Enter your USPSA member number with NO spaces or punctuation. e.g. A12345, TY12345, L1111.
Select your Division.
Select your Power Factor. Major is .40 or .45 caliber plus 9mm or .38 in Open Division. Production, Carry Optics and PCC are minor ONLY.
Please select your current classification in you selected Division.
Select any applicable Categories. Junior is under 18. Senior is age 55-64. Super Senior is 65+. Law is Full-time law enforcement officers with arrest powers. Military is personnel on current active duty orders.

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I hereby release and hold harmless and agree to hold harmless, the Crooked Creek Pistol League, Crooked Creek Conservation Club, Inc. and their representatives, members and successors from liabilities for any injuries or damages caused or incurred whatsoever and in whatever manner from my participation in this event. I hereby agree to assume the risk of injury that may occur from my participation in this event and likewise assume all responsibility for the risk of injury for any guests I invite or bring with me.

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