AAFG IDPA-Action Pistol Safety and Observation Class 11-25-17

opens in 11 hours

Registration opens on: October 23, 2017 @ 4:00 PM · Registration closes on: November 24, 2017 @ 4:00 PM
Times are local to America/New_York timezone.

Match starts: November 25, 2017 @ 9:30 AM · Match ends: November 25, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Location: aafg action pistol range, 1730 Saint Margarets Road in Annapolis MD

Thank you for your interest in IDPA matches at Anne Arundel Fish and Game.

Because of the safety requirements that are unique to our range, all new (to Anne Arundel Fish & Game Assoc. IDPA/Action Pistol Matches) participants are required to observe a match and participate in a brief range safety course before competing. We offer the training once a month.

First, go to aafgidpa.com and follow the directions to create a Yahoo account. This will put you in our notification system for our Orientation and Safety classes and future matches. When you are registered we will receive an E-mail confirmation from Yahoo. This is how we communicate about upcoming matches.

The next open class is on Saturday, August 26th.
Indicate your experience and whether you are a member of IDPA or USPSA. If so, include your membership number and your current classification. It is not necessary to join either organization initially. However, we offer an abbreviated safety course for current members of IDPA who are classified Marksman or higher and current members of USPSA who are classified D shooters at 20% or higher.
It will be helpful to read the "IDPA New Shooters Information Packet" at AAFGIDPA.com, which gives tips on IDPA process, range commands, equipment, and dry fire practice. Also, refer to the IDPA.com rulebook "Rules of the Sport", "Rule Book", Section 02 - Safety Rules.

On August 12th, please do the following:
1. Arrive at 9:30 am, the class usually ends at noon
2. Bring hearing and eye protection
3. Identify yourself to the Match Director, and me
4. Follow the directions of the Match Director and Safety Officers
5. Do not take photos or videos of the match.
6. For the training bring your cover garment, handgun, holster, 2 magazines with mag holder and no ammunition. You will not be shooting on the 12th. Also keep your handgun in its case until instructed to take it out.

7. Regarding your equipment, it should match the requirements found in the IDPA Rule Book on IDPA.com. We do allow sworn law enforcement officers to use their duty rigs. The IDPA Rule Book can also be found and downloaded at idpa.com.

After you have successfully completed the Observation and Safety training, you may sign up for future matches. There will be two - three matches each month. Each match will be announced separately via AADGIDPA Yahoo group. Please follow the instructions to sign up for our matches.

IDPA level I match, with the following divisions:



Registration opens 11 hours from now