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    Charity Shoot 6 squads
    Squad 1
    Mike Hisson
    Sarah Hisson
    David Eisele
    Ethan Quan
    Deanna Oliver
    Wade Vanni
    Etienne Tremblay
    Francois Rousseau
    Matthew Wendel
    Don Golchuk
    Squad 2
    Jake Felker
    Andrew Kurz
    Everton Lyons
    Blue Orlanda
    Zach Martin
    Rick Howell
    Lucas Kusiak
    Chris Anderson
    Scott Fierling
    Richard Wakefield
    Squad 3
    Jeff Ford
    Matt Mccartney
    Aaron Triemstra
    Corie Levitt
    Peter Dogum
    John Mccracken
    Robert Smith
    Mattiew Michaud
    Sam Dogum
    Scott Ryder
    Squad 4
    Peter Dogum
    Muhanad Pio
    Elie Kayrouz
    Doug Hopkins
    Peter Aligianis
    Andrew Truong
    Igor Kovacic
    Dawn Milne Baird
    Matthew Baird
    Alex Strauss
    Squad 5
    Alan Wadden
    Robert Wilton
    Geoff Beckwith
    Matthew Mclatchy
    Adriel Michaud
    Trevor Furlotte
    Benny Lewis
    Jasmin St-André
    Joshua Gimblett
    Melvin Gimblett
    staff 6
    Andrew Vincent
    Victoria Vincent
    Tyler Gerard
    Marty Van Hoeckel
    Desiree Van Hoeckel
    Gavin Bequiri
    Bryan Bolivar
    Jay Heinz
    Tim Westover
    Merle Vincent
    Jeff Anzil
    Stacy Penland
    Rick Katigbak
    Kevin Latham
    Kelly Lynn

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