2017 World Speed Shooting Championship


Match starts: May 04, 2017 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: May 06, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

Location: San Luis Obispo Sportsmans' Association, San Luis Obispo, CA (The Hogue Range)

- This is the world championship for the Steel Challenge Shooting Association. All thirteen Steel Challenge Divisions are available for registration.

- You must have a current USPSA membership prior to the match in order to participate.

- In addition to Steel Master and Rifle Master a new category award "Revolver Master" is being recognized. To be eligible for this award the competitor must use compete with a .22 LR Revolver (Irons or Optic), Iron Sight and Optical Sight Revolver.

- You must register once for each division you intend to shoot. Once you have completed registering you will be sent a payment link with your total. Once payment is received all entries will be approved for squadding. Be certain to check your SPAM folder for email from PractiScore web.

- We will be running morning and afternoon sessions. Each competitor is limited to 1 gun per session. Each squad will be comprised of 10 guns.

- Practice is available the week of the match. You can purchase a week-long practice session ticket in advance for $100. Daily practice tickets are available at the range for $20.00 per day.

- Registration package deals:

3 Pack - comprised of two centerfire pistol entries and one rimfire/PCC entry - $350.00
6 Pack - comprised of 6 entries (one per session), in ANY division (can't shoot same division multiple times) AND week long practice included - $500.00
If you plan to take advantage of one of these packages please note it on your FIRST registration entry in the comments block.

- Standard registration fee (prices are shown as Adult/Junior)
Centerfire pistol first entry - $205/$125
Additional entries - $90/$75

Rimfire (Pistol and Rifle) and PCC first entry - $125/$75
Additional entries $75/$75

Match T-Shirt, short sleeve, cotton - $20.00 NOTE: T-shirts are no longer available. We have already placed order for match shirts.

Wednesday Squadding is available with Match Director approval.

- Please contact the Stats at zack@uspsa.org if you need assistance.

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USPSA level III match, with the following divisions:



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